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Casey Allen

Casey Allen will be discussed in this post. We will tell you about how she was brutally killed by her own husband.

Who was Casey Allen?

Casey Allen.

She was a Georgian woman who was killed by her husband.

Her murder followed just a  day after their first anniversary of marriage.

The 32 year old has just given birth to her first child in that marriage. She also had three children who are 3,7 and 9 respectively.

Her three other children were with her ex-husband. Her sister who goes by the name Tiffany Agee described her sister as:“She loved being a mom. That was everything to her.”

Their first year of marriage has been described as “a year of survival” according to a Facebook post.

The couple had sent their kids to her family before spending time together at a Comedy club all in a bid of celebrating their first anniversary of marriage.

Allen sister said: “They went to Build-A-Bear and made a stuffed owl with both their voices in it”

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It is this that is confusing to the late Casey Allen family.

Allen sister said:“I just want to know why.” She added that: “You loved my sister so much, how could you do this? It’s so confusing, and we’ll never get the full answers from him, and it makes it that much worse.”

Jay Parrish who is the Gainesville Police Chief said:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Casey and her children. Sadly, multiple families have been impacted by this horrific event. As an agency, we will continue to support the families, even long after the investigation is complete.”

Who is Casey Allen husband?

Casely Allen husband: Christopher Dean Snow.
Christopher Dean Snow. Image Source:nypost

He is a 31 year old man who go by the name Christopher Snow.

He has now been charged on murder. Christopher Snow was fleeing the murder but was unfortunately arrested after he was involved in a serious accident.

He was involved in the accident on I-85 which is outside Atlanta. Snow is said to have told his aunt that he and his wife had a big fight and that he could not find his wife according  fox news report.

Police are said to have reported to the couple’s apartment where they discovered that Casey Allen “had been beaten and stabbed to death about her face and body”.

Casely Allen and husband

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