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Cameron Reilly

The article discusses Cameron Reilly and how he was murdered by his friend and never got home after bidding farewell to his grand mum.

Who was Cameron Reilly?

His death was a shocking one and more details have emerged showing what led to the death of the DKIT student.

Cameron Reilly said goodbye to his grandmother on what should have been an ordinary Friday afternoon in May and headed out with friends.

It was a day like any other day and he and his friends had planned ahead for the day.

The friends had planned the night at a location in Dunleer.

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Cameron had made a trip to Dundalk prior to he and his friends meeting on that fateful day.

The location where Cameron and his friends had their night out socialization was at the Glen Dimplex Factory along the fields.

It was a night which was to witnessed drinking, music, chats and their usual visits to the local Chippy.

This particular night was different for Cameron Reilly as he never got home as he always do.

The events which culminated in not letting him getting home on that day was that between 12.40am and 1.4oam, an interval of 0ne hour, he was attacked.

Yes! not by a stranger, but someone he considered as a “friend”.

Cameron Reilly was attacked by Aaron Connolly, his supposed friend.

Aaron Connolly attack according to Dean Kelly, a prosecuting counsel made Cameron “dead or dying in that cold field”.

How was Cameron Reilly body discovered?

His where about was never known until the next day.

It was one Mr. David Shiels and his dog, who were on a morning walk the next day that saw his body.

David told the inquest that he saw someone lying there and supposed him to be drunk and went close to check.

He said: “I looked up and saw the body. I walked over and said hello, thinking it was someone who was drunk and fell asleep.”

He added that Cameron Reilly was lying on his back and had  what he called “discolouring and bruising”. He had these signs on his face,neck, throat and right-hand side.

He concluded that “I knew he was dead.”

What was the cause of Cameron Reilly death?

He is said to have died from either asphyxia or by  a chokehold or external pressure to the front of his neck.

By Robert

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