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Who was Bill Turnbull wife? Sarah McCombie

The article looks at Bill Turnbull’s wife. We will examine his marriage life and look at who at all is Sarah McCombie.

Who was Bill Turnbull?

Bill Turnbull, an employee of the BBC agreed to take part in their polyphasic sleep experiment. The program which was  presented on BBC One’s The One Show requires participants to take multiple times(usually more than two) of sleep.

In the experiment  Turnbull  “slept for a total of three hours per day, in six 30-minute bursts, for ten consecutive days”.

William Robert Jolyon Turnbull  was a British television and radio  presenter as well as a Journalist.

He was born on 25th January,1956.

Bill Turnbull career in radio began with Radio Clyde and to BBC Radio 4 at their Today Program.

Before taking on the BBC Breakfast show, Turnbull had worked at BBC News 24 and BBC Radio 5 live.

Bill Turnbull started the BBC Breakfast in 2001 through to 2016. He had also presented the religious series of Songs of Praise as well as the game show.

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Born to British parents with his father having Scottish ancestry, Turnbull had his education at Eton College and then later at The University of Edinburgh.

He worked with a campus Newspaper while at Edinburgh and graduated from Cardiff University in 1978.

Who was Bill Turnbull wife? Sarah McCombie

Bill Turnbull got married to  Sarah McCombie, his wife in March 1988.

Sarah McCombie is said to have worked as a newsroom editor for British Forces Broadcasting.

Not much is known of her career after that. It is possible she helped in her husband’s bee keeping business.

The couple  shared three children together.

The couple first lived at Buckinghamshire, before relocating to Rainow in Cheshire.

Bill Turnbull moved the family again to his current home in Suffolk in 2012.

This follows the movement of the BBC Breakfast to Salford.

It was Sarah McCombie who broke the break breaking news of her husband passing.

Bill Turnbull family described him as a “wonderful husband and father to his three children”.

By Robert

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