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Who was Benjamin Cole?Oklahoma man who was executed after unusual last meal request

Benjamin Cole will be discussed in this article. He was executed today, 20th October,2022. But, before he was killed, he had an usual request. We will also let you in as to why he was executed.

Who was Benjamin Cole?

He is a 57 year old man from Oklahoma.

He is said to have described himself as a”just a super-duper hyperbolic Jesus freak”.

Cole added that his spirit would return to his “Father in Heaven.”

He was jailed for allegedly killing his 9 months old child.

His family say he killed the child because, according Cole, the child was crying and the crying interrupted his video game that he was playing.

Cole  killed the child by bending her forcefully backward.

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This made the infant to break her spine and tore her aorta too.

This happened in  in Rogers County.

This happened twenty years ago.

His attorney say he is mentally sick, but the child’s family say that is not true.

Cole is reported to have refused medical care  and was living in isolation.

He reportedly had no contact with inmates and staff.

He is said to have also hoarded food.

His family say he has reports of child abuse back in California.

Benjamin Cole Unusual request before his execution.

Cole who happened to be the sixth Oklahoma inmate to be executed died around 10.22am local time at the state penitentiary in McAlester.

Before his execution, he requested for a last meal.

What meal did Cole requested for?

He was given a religious meal. The meal is made up of lasagna, salad, a tortilla and a fruit drink packet.


Who was Benjamin Cole?Oklahoma man who was executed after unusual last meal request
Image credit: Fox


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