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Who was Adam Howe?Massachusetts man who choked to death in jail after being charged of killing mum.

Adam Howe will be our focus. We will look at how the man accused of murdering his mum kill himself while in custody.

Who was Adam Howe?

He was a 34 year old man.

He got married in 2019.

Adam H. is from Massachusetts in Tony vacation island.

He is said to have murdered his 69 year old man.

He is said to have murdered his mother, before setting her body on fire.

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She set the 69 year old mother on the front lawn of her home.

Howe then barricaded him self in a house located at Qauil Ridge road.

Officers (SWAT Team) from the Cape Cod Regional  to forced themselves inside the house to arrest him.

After his arrest, Adam was brought to the Cape Cod Hospital for a psychiatric assessment.

He was cleared of the psychiatric evaluation and was brought back into custody.

How did Adam Howe killed himself in while in custody?

Adam was taken to the Ash Street Jail and placed on a security watch.

He was checked every 15 minutes. The suspect was said to be clothed in a “nylon rip-resistant smock”.

This according to authorities was for his safety.

Adam  however had a plan of his own which was unknown to the monitoring officers.

The plan the suspect hatched was to block his airways and this he did with wet toilet papers.

He then collapsed and was rushed to the St. Luke Hospital in New Bedford where he unfortunately died.

This was confirmed by a statement from one Jonathan Darling who is the spokesman for the Bristol County Sheriff’s Office.

Did Adam Howe had any criminal record?

He was arrested in August, this year for breaking into a Truro based business center.

Howe was charged for allegedly possessing Suboxone without prescription.

The Suboxone is used in the treatment of opioid addiction.


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