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Zbigniew Bednarczyk

Zbigniew Bednarczyk, the suspect in the Kilkenny stabbings will be discussed. We  will look at the incident which led to the stabbing of his victim Rafal Besnarczyk Jacyna.

Who is Zbigniew Bednarczyk?

He is 69 year old man from Kilkenny.  He is the  father as well as the suspect in the stabbing of Kilkenny Juice bar owner, Rafal Besnarczyk Jacyna.

Zbigniew Bednarczyk who appeared before Judge Geraldine Carthy told the court that the stabbing was an accident.

He was refused bail as Gardai told the court that a witness has given a contradicting  account of what Zbigniew told the court.

Zbigniew Bednarczyk has been charged with  serious assault causing harm to his son Rafal Bednarczyk Jacyna.

The fact of the case as given by Detective Sgt Brian Sheeran

The detective told the court that he arrested Zbigniew around 10.40am on Wednesday Morning and charged him around 11.25am.

He added that the suspect did respond to the charges made against them.

The suspect according to the Irish Mirror came to the court “wearing a grey tracksuit and black runners, sat quietly throughout the hearing as a Polish interpreter translated the evidence for him”.

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Who was Rafal Bednarcyzk Jacyna?The man who was killed in the Kilkenny stabbing.

The case has been forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions and it is expected that more serious charges will be brought against the suspect.

The refusal to grant the suspects bail sterns from the seriousness of the charge.

This charge is said to carry a maximum of a life sentence upon conviction and that  there is “flight risk fears and potential interference with witnesses”.

By Robert

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