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Wesley Dalmas

Wesley Dalmas will be discussed in this post. He has been described as a hardened criminal and fellow who had “no regard for life”.

Who is Wesley Dalmas? The teen who has no regard for life.

He is only 13 year old,but has been described by law enforcement officers as someone who is a hardened criminal.

Aside that, police officers said, Dalmas is a teen who has no regard for life.

Why is Wesley Dalmas been described with hard words like this?

He is said to be on probation after he was arrested in January of this year.

Wesley Dalmas was arrested for car burglary. He is said to have stolen a gun in that burglary.

The 13 year old was given a probation instead of the  prison sentenced that he was supposed to get.

His two cohorts who were also on probation like Dalmas were also on probation for crimes like “smoking marijuana and driving around Lakeland “looking for someone to shoot.””

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This time around Wesley Dalmas shot a police officer on the leg after a foot chase.

A still from Officer Smith's body camera shows Dalmas aiming his handgun at the cop and taking a shot.

The Sherriff for his area described Wesley Dalmas as a “hardened criminal” with “no regard for life”.

Wesley is seen running on foot from the police

He shot the officer one Jamie Smith. Officer received a 911 call of a ” drive-by shooting” which was a number of blocks away from Simpson Park.

Jamie Smith checked it out and saw a white Dodge avenger and the occupant drove off,

He pursued them till they abandoned the car and went on foot. He chased  them  spotting Dalmas who was having a gun.

The cop followed the armed 13-year-old into an apartment complex, where police said Dalmas ambushed him.

Smith bodycam revealed him telling Dalmas to drop his weapon, but the teen will not comply.

He rather shot the officer on the foot forcing him to call for a backup while still pursing the suspect with his injury.

The backup came and Dalmas opened fire on them. The backup team also responded injuring Dalmas in the process.

He was injured “in the stomach, leg and thigh. He was taken to Tampa General Hospital, where he was treated and released”.

Who were Wesley Dalmas cohorts?

His cohorts who were also arrested were Jemaine Julian and Leonard Speight Jr.

Their pictures are shown below.

Three suspects in Lakeland police shooting


By Robert

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