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Who is Walter Kartner? Pierre Kartner only child

Walter Kartner is the first and only child of Dutch singer Pierre Kartner, otherwise known as Vader Abraham.

Who was Pierre Kartner? Walter Kartner father.

Pierre Kartner was born on 11th April,1935 in Amsterdam as Petrus Antonius Laurentius Kartner.

He was a popular singer , songwriter, musician and producer from Netherland.

He was famed for his nicknamed Vader Abraham which is translated to mean Father Abraham.

He is credited for writing over 1600 songs.

Many say, Pierre Kartner was born with his talent as the Dutch musician started his singing career at a tender age of 8.

Kartner is said to have won a local festival contest at that age.

The singer started working in a chocolate factory while he was staying with his family in Amsterdam.

Kartner whose active years in music spanned from 1962 to 2022 worked with the Dureco label.

He worked with Annie De Reuver and is said to have formed the Duo X with her.

Kartner was also a band member with the Corry & Rekels band.

The band was so popular and reported to have sold more than a million records back in the 1960s.

He is said to be the one who wrote the closing as well as the opening credits Moomin and Shalalie.

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They were Japanese cartoons series which were popular in 1990.

Pierre Kartner famous work is his 1971 crafted Father Abraham.

The song follows sharply with his Carnival song in his native language.

He sang the song with an artificial beard and later had to grow natural beards to replaced his artificial ones.

His bowler hat used to come along with him in every performance and later turned out as his trade mark.

Kartner songs with the Smurfs were so popular that they sold over seventeen million copies.

He later had to part ways with the The Smurfs.

Who is Walter Kartner?

He is the son of famous Dutch singer, promoter, producer and songwriter Pierre Kartner.

Walter Kartner is also born to his mother Annie Kartner. Walter and his mother survived their father and husband respectively.

The pair may also be the ones who will be inheriting his wealth and other properties that he left behind.

Not much is known of Walter Kartner.

Pierre Kartner song with the Smurfs called the “The Smurf Song” was song world wide including countries like Germany, France,Japan, Sweden among other.

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