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Who is Thomas O'Halloran? the 87 old Greedford victim.

Thomas O’Halloran was killed yesterday by a group of young men while he was on his mobility scooter.

The attack  is a shocking act of unprovoked violence. He is said to have traveled about 75 yards on his scooter before accessing help which was not successful.

Many are asking to know who is Thomas O’Halloran.

Who is Thomas O’Halloran? the 87 old Greedford victim.

Who is Thomas O'Halloran? the 87 old Greedford victim.

Thomas O’Halloran has been given names such as “Mr Bond”, “Uncle Sam” or the “Jolly pensioner” for the kind of person he was.

Thomas  O’Halloran is said to be a well-known person in the area and is often seen with his accordion outside a nearby Tesco and the train station.

Thomas is reported to have lived in Greenford since the 1970s.

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The “Jolly pensioner or Mr Bond” both referring to late Thomas Halloran used to play in order to raise money for Ukrainian refugees.

A video of Thomas O’Halloran is shown and he is seen beaming outside of a supermarket while raising money for charity. He was on his way to the spot where he used to play for the funds which he used to support the Ukrainian refugees.

The police are investigating the crime and to determine the motive for the attack. It is not clear if the attack has something to do with his support of the refugees.


A neighbour of Thomas O’Halloran by  name Anushka Burnett said: “He’s absolutely lovely, he is one of the best neighbours.

“He is very helpful. If I’m outside trying to clean up or something or if I need anything, tools, he will pop them over.

“He’s so helpful, lovely, always has conversations with everyone. As soon as he sees you out, walk over, and he’ll just start talking to you.

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“At his age he’d always like to have a joke as well, always laughing.”

Thomas had a daughter who has been devastated by his death.

Frasley Coutinho, recounted how the attack happened. He said he saw a group of “young boys” gather around the elderly man. 

“It happened in broad daylight in summertime on a busy road,” he added.

”When I heard about it I just checked the [CCTV] footage. I think everything happened just before in an alleyway.

”As soon as [the victim] came out [of the alleyway], he was in a lot of distress. A passer-by saw he was in distress and alerted someone else.

”It was clear something was wrong with him, but I couldn’t see any blood. ‘He was in a panic and knew something was wrong.”

Thomas O’Halloran attacker.

Who is Thomas O'Halloran? the 87 old Greedford victim.

Local police have released a picture of a guy suspected to be his attacker.

The police are calling for support to trace the attacker.

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