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Who is the woman who was violently raped in Sligo as part of gang feud?


The article looks at the woman who was violently raped in Sligo by a gang.We will look at how the said woman got entangle in the gangs affairs.

The woman does not belong to any of the gangs. She is equally not part of the feud the gangsters are engaged in.

She was lured back into the house and violently raped.

This happened last week and is being investigated by Gardai.

The suspect of the rape is part of a faction who are in dispute. The suspect is in dispute with men who are known to this woman.

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The feud is a tit for tat game which has been on the increase recently.

Gardai are said to be “shocked and disgusted”  by what the thugs did to her.

She has been described as being innocent and has nothing to do with the feud.

It is believed the unnamed woman was drugged  before being rapped in that manner and officers are investigating all that happened.

The alleged rape happened on 6th September,2022.

Gardai  are said to be interested  in the case, with the property where the alleged rape took place being a place of high interest.

A source who spoke to the Mirror(Irish) said “It was a violent rape, the gardai were shocked by it and just disgusted.

“They are looking at if this woman was targeted because of her links to men that are involved in a feud.

“But the victim is a completely innocent party in that, she has absolutely nothing to do with it or any other crimes or criminality.”

By Robert

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