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Who is the rival Bawku Chief? is the question on the minds of many. We seek to delve deeper into the life of the new rival chief of Bawku.

Background to the story.

Ghanaians were taken aback following the enskinment of a rival chief in the  Bawku traditional area.

The said enskinment took place in the morning of Wednesday,15th February,2023. It was done at the Palace of the Overlord of the Mamprugu(Nayire) Naa Bohugu Mahama Abdulai II.

The ceremony was a peaceful one according to the JoyNews Correspondent for the North East region.

He added that there was an invention by the North East Regional Minister at the Palace of the Nayiri.

The Presence of the Minister according to the Joy News Correspondent was met with hooting. The people were not happy with his presence of the Regional Minister, as it momentarily halted proceedings for the enskinment.

Adam Bonna, a security expert who spoke to JoyNews on the development said he had information about enskinment, but was quick to add that he did not know the day and place when the said enskinment will happen.

He reiterated that the new development will make the even bad situation in Bawku worst and called on the government to take immediate steps to avenge the situation.

Who is Alhaji Seidu Abagre? The Bawku rival chief.

He is a Muslim as his name suggest. He is from the Mamprugu fashion in the Bawku conflict. His enskinment was done on 15th February,2023.

The Daily Guide Network reports that information available to them say the” newly enskinned Bawku chief is expected to be accompanied by elders of the Nayiri’s palace to Bawku after all the traditional rituals are performed”.

Alhaji Seidu Abagre is said to be an educationist. Not much is known of him at the moment.

The Daily Guide report say the “residents in Nalerigu were seen jubilating on the streets amidst drumming and dancing to celebrate the enskinment of Alhaji Seidu Abagre as the new Bawku Chief”.

There have also been huge security deployment  at the  Nayiri Palace as well as the Nalerigu township.

This is to prevent any disturbance after the enskinment. also reports that the Presidency of Ghana tried in stopping the enskinment of Alhaji Seidu Abagre.

They say a helicopter was sent to Nalerigu to invite the Nayiri to Accra for a crucial meeting.

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The said meeting was said to have been between the Nayiri and the President of the Republic.

However the request of the Presidency was turned down by the Nayiri.

What is the implication of Alhaji Seidu Abagre enskinment?

Enoch Darfah Frimpong who reports for the said the action of the Nayiri, who is the kingmaker for the Mamprugu, Bawku and other areas in the Upper East region shows a “disregard for the current Bawku Naba”.

It is expected that this singular action of the Nayiri will lead to more bloody clashes in the Bawku township.

Government response to the enskinment of Alhaji Seidu Abagre.

The government have been swift in its response to the enskinment of Alhaji Seidu Abagre.

In a statement authored by the Information Minister, he said:  “The Government condemns developments in Nalerigu today February 15, 2023, concerning the purported enskinment of a new Bawku Naba as illegal and a threat to National Security.”

The government  statement continued that “Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II is the Bawku Naba, duly gazetted and a member of the National and Upper East Regional Houses of Chiefs.”

It has therefore, directed the security agencies to arrest and prosecute any other person who holds himself out as a Bawku Naba.

“Further, any developments that have the potential to undermine the peace of Bawku will also be dealt with swiftly and in accordance with law.”

See the government statement below.

Bawku rival chief
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The members of parliament for the Kusaal area also came out to condemned the action of the Nayiri. They called for calm and reassured everybody that Naba Asigri Abugrago Azoka II is the only recognized chief in Bawku.


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