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Who is the Paris gunman that killed 3 Kurdish activist

The article looks at the Paris gunman that killed 3 Kurdish activist on 23rd December,2022.

Who is the Paris Gunman that Killed 3 Kurdish activist?

Three people have been killed in Paris after a gunman opened fire on them. But, who is this gunman and what are his motives. We will look at that shortly.

The gunman is said to be a far right extremist. He is reported to have been recently released from jail.

He was jailed for attacking two migrants with what looked like a sword.

He is said to be a 69 year old and is reported to have fired seven to eight shots.

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A shopkeeper whose location is not far from the scene said she heard about seven to eight shots being fired.

This was followed by she said was total panic.

She said: “It was total panic and “We locked ourselves inside.”

Another source say: “A pensioner got into the building and appeared to start shooting at random.”Police were called and arrested him, while also confiscating his weapon. The authorities are now advising people to avoid the area.”

The Paris Gunman was also injured  and has been taken to a hospital.

Where did the Paris gunman that killed 3 Kurdish activist shot the victims?

The gunman opened fire at a Kurdish community center. He is said to have also opened fire at a restaurant and a hair salon.

Though random, it is believed he was after other targets in central Paris.

Aside the three killed, he also injured three others. The incident occurred before midday on Rue d’Enghien, a narrow street in the 10th Arrondissement.

He was arrested but his actual identity was not disclosed.

His motives are not clear at the moment.

Alexandra Cordebard who is the mayor of the 10th Arrondissement is quoted to have said “We don’t know exactly what his motivations were.”

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