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Who is the man who was devoured by the lion at Accra Zoo?

There has been a press release about a man who was devoured by a lion at the Accra Zoo.

The Statement was issued and signed by the chief executive officer of the Forestry commission.

The article looks at the man who made that brave entry into the lion’s cage.

Who is the man who was devoured by the lion at Accra Zoo?

The man has been described as a middle age man.

He sustained deadly injuries during the attack by the lion.

The man intentionally made his way into the cage to face the lion

Lion devours middle-aged man at Accra Zoo

The intention of the man is not immediately known. The identity of the man is equally not known at the moment.

There are speculations that the man might have entered to steal the lion cubs. This information has not been confirmed, but remain speculative.

But the intentions of the man might be a strong one for him to have made that bold decision of breaking into a cage of an animal that is known to have killed many in other parts of the world.

There have been stories of people due to religious considerations who have even pleaded with zoo officials to allow them to enter  and face lions.

Could this man by one of the few people who have been convinced by the Daniel story in the Bible and wants to do same?

Did the Man survived his injuries in the lion attack?

The brave man who broke the secured fenced to go and face the lion died from his injuries.

It is unclear why the lion did not eat him up.

The zoo authorities used the information to let residents around the zoo know that the lion was let loose, but rather it was the man who entered to face the lion.


By Robert

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