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Who is the landlord who was filmed cutting through front door of tenant's house in Galway?

A bizarre incident happened  as a landlord was filmed cutting through the front door of tenant’s house in Galway. We will tell you what what happened and the highly skilled doctor, who is the tenant in question.

Who is landlord who was filmed cutting through front door of tenant’s house in Galway?

The landlord created a scene in his quest to collect his rent which he said over-delayed.

This bizarre incident took place at Ballinasloe in Galway

To put an end to what seemed like an injustice and to take back what is legally his, this landlord took the route which landed him into trouble.

He is said to have gone to his property and started cutting through the front door of one of his tenants.

He was doing this with the help of a “circular saw” in the full view of others. The action of this unnamed landlord was captured on tape and circulated widely.

He was arrested by Gardai following that unfamiliar route he took.

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What led to this unfamiliar steps taken by this Galway landlord?

The incident happened after he had a dispute with this tenant in question.

The landlord is said to have sent a locksmith earlier to the property to change the locking system to the house.

He had allegedly told the locksmith that no one was staying there at the time. This is what the tenant said about that incident.

He said: “When I got home, there was a locksmith at the door who claimed that he was told no one was living there and the locks needed changed”.

Who is this tenant that this unnamed landlord wants out by force?

The tenant in question is Dr. Muhammed Raheel Jethel.

He is a “surgical registrar” and  has been living in the house with his family.

The surgical registrar who is said to be of Pakistani origin said he has been living in the house for 4 years.

What is the dispute that Dr. Muhammed Raheel Jethel with his landlord?

The tenant,Dr. Muhammed Raheel Jethel said he has been trying to make payment to his landlord, but it has not been going through.

He also added that he tried contacting his landlord too, but that too was not successful either.

He said, his landlord told him and admitted to changing his bank details. It was surprising that on this fateful day, he did not only tried opening the home, but also made ranks that were unfortunate.

The landlord is quoted to have said : “I have a Quran in my car to burn. I don’t care about your family.”

He also added that: “I’m going to cut the door down. “I have been to the guards, they told me to ask you about the money, if you refuse, they will be coming.” The surgical registrar asked his landlord to call Gardai instead, but he will not take that for an answer, but rather added: “No matter where you go in this life I will follow you after today.”

The unnamed landlord has since been arrested.

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