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The Koforidua JHS Girls’ death: Families call for arrest of boyfriends over text message

The article looks at the life of the gunman at the Oregon grocery store shooting incident.

We will determine his identity and his motivation for the attack.

Who is Ethan Blair Miller?

The name of the gunman at the Oergon safeway  store shooting is Ethan Blair Miller.

He is said to be a 20 year old. He lived at an apartment complex behind the shopping center.

Ethan Blair Miller  graduated from Mountain View High School in Bend in as early as 2020.

One of his class mates described him as being a combative person.

Who is Donald Ray Surrett Jr.? Safeway employee hailed for disarming gunman.

Isaac Thomas, Miller class mate said he “tried to fight everyone at Mountain View and kept getting his (expletive) kicked and he just never learned.”

Thomas recalled how, Ethan Blair Miller “At one point he said he was going to shoot me and I was like, ‘Get over yourself’ because I didn’t think he had a gun, but I guess I was wrong.”

Ethan Blair Miller is said to have  died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

He used an AR-15-style weapon and a shotgun the infamous and barbaric attack.

It is not clear why he killed himself. Ethan Blair Miller had three Molotov cocktails and sawed -off shot gun in his car.

Miller equally had ammunition in his apartment.

Why did Ethan Blair Miller attacked the grocery store?

It is not clear what his motivation has been for this attack. This is what the police had to say about the attack:”We are aware that the shooter may have posted information online regarding his plan. We’re investigating this,” Miller told reporters. “We have no evidence of previous threats or prior knowledge of the shooter. We received information about the shooter’s writings after the incident had taken place. And the shooter has no criminal history in the area.”

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