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Sydney Rae Bass

We will examine the life of Sydney Rae Bass, who is the wife of Pitcher Anthony Bass. We will also tell you why she was made to clean up a plane during a flight in United airline.

Who is Sydney Rae Bass?

Sydney Rae Bass

She is the wife of popular Pitcher, Anthony Bass. She is also a sister to famous country music singer Jessie James.

Sydney Rae Bass got married to him in 2016 specifically on 1st August.

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Their marriage is a happy one as the pair shared children together. Their first child was said to have been born prematurely in 2017.

Sydney Rae Bass and her husband adopted another child, a girl in 2020. Their first child is 5 years while their adopted child is also 2 years.

She is said to be pregnant in what will be their third child.

Who is Sydney Rae Bass husband, Anthony Bass?

Sydney Rae Bass husband

He is a 35 year old American baseball player. Bass who was born on 1st November,1987 ply his career as a pitcher with the Toronto Blue Jays.

This is in the Major League Baseball. His previous teams include the San Diego Padres, Texan Rangers, Chicago Cubs among others.

Anthony Bass is said to have also played for the popular Hokkaido Nippon Ham fighters in the Nippon Professional Baseball.

His college baseball was with the Wayne State University.

Sydney Rae Bass husband blast United airline for asking his pregnant wife to clean up what their child messed up in their plane.

He took to Twitter to register his displeasure with the treatment the airline meted out to his wife.

His beef was that the Airline made his wife who was pregnant to get and pick things which their two year old daughter messed up with in the plane.

He tweeted: “The flight attendant @united just made my 22 week pregnant wife traveling with a 5 year old and 2 year old get on her hands and knees to pick up the popcorn mess by my youngest daughter,” Bass tweeted. “Are you kidding me?!?!”

His tweet which has awoken a new discussion on parenting saw most of his fans disagreeing  strongly with him.

One of them wrote:

“Genuinely curious who should clean up the mess your 2 year old made?”

Another person responded. “As a parent of three kids I am the one responsible for them.”

Anthony Bass thinks otherwise, he said “The cleaning crew they hire!” should have done the job for his wife.

Anthony and Sydney Rae Bass married in 2017.

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