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Sonja Henke

Sonja Henke will be discussed in this article. We will look at her marriage to actor Brad Williams Henke. We will conclude by looking at the children, she shared with the Orange is the New Black actor.

Who is Sonja Henke?

Brad Williams Henke was married twice. His first marriage was with actress Katelin Chesna. It was a marriage which lasted for 7 years. They got married in 2001 and by 2008, they were not together again.

Sonja Henke is the new wife of Brad Williams Henke.

Sonja Henke is the wife, the actor got married to after his first marriage crumbled.

She, unlike the first wife, had children.

Sonja Henke children  include Aaden and Leasa.

They are step children to Brad Williams Henke. Aaden is Henke stepson while Leasa is his step daughter.

Sonja Henke also made Brad Williams Henke a grandfather.

Brad had a grandchild by name Amirah.

Who was Brad Williams Henke? Sonja Henke husband.

Brad William Henke  who was born on 10th April,1966 had two careers.

He was a famed American actor and football player.

His football career saw him play at both the National Football League(NFL)  and the Arena Football League.

He was a 1989 NFL draft and he was drafted into the New York Giants. He could not make it past the training camp.

He made it to the Denver Broncos, after he was dropped by the New York Giants.

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Brad Williams Henke had to retire early after he was hit by injuries.

He retired from football in 1994 after a six ankle surgeries.

His other side of career was into acting. His best known role was Desi Piscatella which he played in the movie Orange Is the New Black.

He won an award as Screen Actors Guide award for outstanding performance.

He played as “gay correctional  officer” in Orange is the New Black movie. Brad Williams Henke is said to have joined OITNB in their fourth season.

Brad Williams Henke acting career  began right after his retirement from football in 1994.

Some of the other movies, that he played include October Road, Around June, World Trade among others.

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