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Who is Simon McGinley the Evil sex beast? Ireland's most notorious rapists


The article focuses on the Evil sex beast, Simon McGinley. We will examined the life of the notorious rapist and why he has been released.

Who is Simon McGinley the Evil sex beast?

He is a 48 years man who has spent 13 of those years behind bars.

He is a man who is infamously known for raping women.

Simon McGinley was nicknamed the evil sex beast for his notoriety in the act.

He has served 13 out of the 21 years that he was originally sentenced.Simon McGinley was released from the Arbour Hill Prison.

He appealed and had the sentenced reduced to 19 years with 2 years suspended.

His released followed the  time served and  the standard remission of 25 per cent.

McGinley was sentenced for raping an 85 year old woman in Co Monaghan in 2008.

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He was released today and was seen taking a taxi after stepping out of the prison.

Simon McGinley covered his face  and  had a hood on his head as photographers tried frantically to take shots of him.

Who is Simon McGinley the Evil sex beast? Ireland's most notorious rapists

He is required to update officers about his new address.

The former Rapist was also handed a 12 year sentence for raping a 13 year old girl in 1997.

This case was a famous one and was even dubbed the “C Case”.

Simon McGinley had been described in the past as a “volatile sexual Predator” and compared to another notorious beast by name Larry Murphy.

This is what Mr. Justice Birmingham had to say during his trial in 2009.

“Rape is always a serious offence but within the spectrum of rapes this, in my view, is at the top of the upper end. This case is just about as bad as it gets,” he said.

What is the cause of Simon McGinley’ unusual character?

Justice Birmingham  was of the view that what was driving his unusual behavior may be from his alcoholism.

He said unless that is addressed, “everyone from very young girls to very old ladies will be at risk.

During the trial, there was a report that McGinley “had previously attended a sex offenders’ programme in jail”.

By Robert

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