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Who is Shinzo Abe attacker? Tetsuya Yamagami

Who is Shinzo Abe attacker is the question on the mind  of man. What might be the intent behind this barbaric attack.

Who is Shinzo Abe attacker? Tetsuya Yamagami.

Tetsuya Yamagami is the man who shot at former Japanese Prime minister. The Japanese  police authorities say he is man who is in his 40s and is from Nara city.

Tetsuya Yamagami, the Abe attacker who reside in Japan’s Nara city  shot the former PM while he was addressing a speech near the Yamato-Saidaiji station. The venue where the attack happened is close to the Nara city, where the attacker reside.

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The shot from Tetsuya shotgun made the Shinzo Abe to fall to the ground and was bleeding from the chest.

Strangely enough, Tetsuya Yamagami did not run from the scene, but stayed and was arrested with the weapon still in his hand.

Yamagami is said to be a former Maritime self Defense force member. He is said to have worked with the Maritine self defense three years until 2005.

Tetsuya Yamagami used a homemade weapon in his attack against the former Japanese prime Minister.

Who is Shinzo Abe attacker and what were his motives for the attack?

He indicated that his motives for that attack is that he is “dissatisfied” with Mr. Abe. He added that he has no personal grudge against Mr. Abe political beliefs or stands.

The attach reportedly took place at 11.30am local time and Yamagami was immediately  arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

He was brought to Nara Nishi police station and the police also confiscated the gun.

A reporter by name Yuko Oikawa filmed the suspect ahead of Abe’s speech and Yamagami was seen waiting.

Japanese media reports indicated that Abe went into a cardiorespiratory arrest immediately after being shot.

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