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Who is Shelly da Cunha? Keith Levene 2nd wife.

We will look at Shelly da Cunha, who is Keith Levene’s second wife. We will look at her marriage with Levene and her career.

We will finally look at how broken she is after following the death of her husband.

Who was Keith Levene? Shelly da Cunha husband.

Keith Levene was born on July18,1957 as Julian Keith Levene.

He was musician from England and was a member of The Clash.

Levene was also a composer and record producer.

The Clash to which Levene was a founding member was a rock band which is believed to be key in punk rock which was popular in England at the time.

Keith Levene was a founding member of the England post-punk band, called the Public Image Ltd.

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It was a band he founded along with singer John Lydon. Other founding members of the Public Image Ltd are Jah Wobble as their bassist, Jim Walker as drummer and it was formed in 1978.

Keith Levene who hailed from Muswell Hill in London had a Jewish origin. He had an early touch to music as he was died hard fan of the Progressive rock at the time.

He also had an opportunity to work as a technician and support to band called the roadie.

Levene did other amazing works, but his first solo release was the Violent opposition.

Who is Shelly da Cunha?

Shelly is a journalist and second wife of singer and composer Keith Levene.

Shelly da Cunha worked with her husband and they both formed a company together.

She moved to Los Angeles with her husband back in 1985 and that was where they formed their company.

It is not clear what kind of company it was and what it was into.

Shelly da Cunha survived her husband and has been the one who confirmed his death to the media.

She spoke about how she cannot stop crying over his death.

The famous guitarist died of liver cancer. He died at 65 at his home in Norfolk on Friday, 11th November,2022.

Levene is said to have invested a substantial amounts in  Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.


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