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Sasha Walpole

Sasha Walpole will be our focus in this article. We will tell you how they met and how the”quickie” they had all happened.

Who is Sasha Walpole?

In 2001, Sasha worked in a local elastic factory, where her duties included: “Stretchline, checking for faults in the material for knickers and bras”.

She added that, her factory work helped pay for her nights out as well as fuel for her “brown-and-blue Austin Metro”.

She also had a chance of attending a breast cancer charity awareness night in the Vine Tree.

She spoke about it with joy saying: “It would have been nice to have more pictures of our nights out but we didn’t have camera phones.

“It was a bit of fun. You had to wear pink. The landlady had a pink tinsel wig we were messing around with. I had it on but then Harry nabbed it off me.”

How did Sasha Walpole and Prince Harry quickie happened?

It happened when she was 19 while Prince Harry was seventeen.

The event happened in 2001 too and she had this to say about it. She said:

“It was literally wham-bam between two friends,” Walpole said.

She along with Harry took shots of “tequila, Baileys and sambuca”.

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The two, then went for a  walk  outside to smoke.

It was for the celebration of her birthday. The former friends, according to Walpole walked in the garden and had to climbed over a fence to the field.

Meghan Husband was in shorts at the time and they went their separate ways after the act.

She said, the Prince seduced her with a birthday card and a toy.

The birthday card which Harry sent to Sasha read: “Dear Sash, Have a very happy birthday and don’t get too p***ed! Luckily I’ll be there to keep an eye on you. Loads of love xx. Thanks for everything.”

sasha Walpole

sasha walpole birthday card

Sasha ia quoted to have said: “He gave me a card, with a joke about a farting whale on the front.”

She revealed why, the card was signed with Baz, instead of Harry. She said “He never signed off with his real name, even on a text it would be H.

“He said, ‘Thanks for everything’ — it wasn’t for anything specific, but he could have been referring to my work at Highgrove House.”

She further added: “He won a Miss Piggy wearing a tropical outfit, and when he got to the party he gave it to me as a present with the card.

“I noticed that Harry had stuffed Miss Piggy’s bra with extra paper to give her boobs a boost.”

Sasha walpole birthday card from Harry

By Robert

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