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Who is Rusty Brown? Ex-husband of Jerry Lewis 7th wife.

Rusty Brown, Judith Lewis ex-husband will be discussed in this article. We will tell you about how Jerry Lewis met  Rusty Brown ex- wife and his last wife. It will shock you that their first meeting place had Rusty in attendance. Read along with me.

Who is Rusty Brown?

He is the ex-husband of Jerry Lewis 7th and last wife, Judith Brown.

He is also a cousin to popular pianist and singer, Jerry Lewis.

Not only that Jerry Lewis first got married to his sister. Her sister was only 13 years at the time.

Jerry Lewis was still not satisfied, he came for his own wife after he divorced with his sister, Myra Gale Brown.

Jerry Lewis has been a thorn in the life of his cousin, Rusty B. and that of his sister Myra Gale Brown.

Rusty even asked his wife-Judith to go and take care of Lewis when the latter was sick and needed care.

Lewis was sick and needed to be taken care of at home. This was after the singer had not been to the hospital for years.

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Rusty asked his wife to go and take of his cousin at home. Judith Brown spoke about her encounter with Lewis at first and how it ended with a marriage.

She said:“At that time, Jerry hadn’t been to the hospital in years and he needed someone to take care of him because he was very sick,” she explained. “It wasn’t romantic or anything like that at first, but after about six months, Jerry and I knew something was happening between us, but we weren’t really sure what was going on.”

Judith brown who had worked as a caregiver before her meeting with with Lewis, spoke about how it ended with a marriage with the singer.

She narrated what happened as cited by Showbiz cheat sheet that:“He gave me a ring for Christmas, but didn’t tell me it was an engagement ring until a few months later,” she added. “He just said, ‘I just want to let you know that the ring I gave you for Christmas was a promise that I will marry you.’”

Judith first encounter with Lewis was  when she attended a his concert with Rusty Brown, her then husband at the time.

This concert was in Los Angeles and Rusty would have introduced Lewis to her as his cousin.

But wondering who Jerry Lewis is. The man who snatched Rusty Brown wife from him is being described below.

Who was Jerry Lee Lewis? man who snatched Rusty Brown wife

Lewis was a controversial figure whose life cannot be explained. He was married seven times with only six kids in those seven marriages.

His life story cannot be narrated in a day. From popularity to debt as well as ending up with a stroke and  finally death.

His debt cases forced him out of the United States to Ireland. The popular Rock and Roll singer had to cram himself and his family into a rented apartment for four good years.

Jerry Lee Lewis has two popular siblings in the person of  Mickey Gilley and Jimmy Swaggart.

Lewis parents are said to have mortgage their farm in order to get him a piano which later proved useful to him.

Lewis died on 28th October,2022 at the age of 87. He died at Desoto county of Mississippi in the US.

He was an American singer, songwriter and pianist.

The musician who was nicknamed  the Killer was born on 29th September,1935.

Jerry Lee Lewis is noted and regarded by many as the first ever great wild man of the “rock n’ roll‘.

Lewis is seen as the founder and pioneer of the Rock and roll as well as rockabilly music.

The famous pianist and singer’s first ever recording was “Crazy Arms” which is reported to have produced by Sun Records in 1956.

His first record was a hit, making  300,000  copies sales and by the following year, the musician rose to fame with “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On“.

His name was not just in the South alone like the first album. The 1957 hit catapult him to the whole  world and made him a household name.

His success and fame vanished all of a sudden. This was when the singer was embroiled in a marriage with his under age cousin.


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