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Who is Ron Gallagher? Comedian Gallagher brother.

Ron Gallagher will will be our focus. We will look at his career and the conflict he had with Comedian Gallagher.

We will also look at what made the brothers to drag each other to court.

Who was Comedian Gallagher?

The Comedian whose active years was from 1969 to 2022 is from the North Carolina town of Fort Bragg.

His real name was Leo Anthongy Gallagher Jr.

The American Comedian and actor was born on 24th July,1946 to his parents who were said to be of an Irish and a Croatia origin.

Famed for his unique way of comedy that uses watermelons in a comedy type described as observational.

It is a type of comedy that uses everyday life stories which most of his audiences could relate to.

Gallagher other side of comedy is  Prop which uses humorous objects to better convey his message.

His favorite “prop” object was mostly being on watermelons.

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The comedian known famously as Comedian Gallagher has some collections with the Home Box Office(HBO) television network.

His works were also  shown by Showtime, a Paramount media network channel.

Gallagher had his education at the H.B Plant High school as well as Chemical engineering degree from the University of South Florida.

Gallagher line of career did not deviate completely of what he studied at the University.

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He minored in English Literature and he earned that degree in 1970.

Who is Ron Gallagher?

He is the young brother of Comedian Gallagher. Ron is also a comedian who at a point in time also used one of the trade marks of his brother.

Ron first worked as a bulldozer salesman. It was after he lost that job that he took after comedy.

Ron is popularly  known for his 2012 Within Reach  as well a s his 1992 the Gallagher: We Need a Hero.

Leo Gallagher allowed his brother the use of his trade mark as a way of helping him out of unemployment.

Reports  had it that Ron sought the permission of hie elder brother to use one of his many trademarks.

His brother, Comedian Gallagher gave his younger brother,  the permission to use his trade mark of Slege-O-Matic.

What is “Sledge – O-Matic”, you may ask?

As indicated earlier that Gallagher uses the Prop style of Comedy, he usually use a tool with which he uses to smash the  food items he uses during his presentations.

The “Sledge-O-Matic,”has been described as  “a large wooden mallet that he used to smash a variety of food items and other objects”.

The wooden mallet called the “Sledge -O- Matic” was said to be the size of a” sledgehammer”.

Back to the story of Ron Gallagher and his brother.Leo Gallagher (Comedian Gallagher) told the brother to use the tool as long as he makes his fans aware that he is Ron Gallagher and not Leo Gallagher.

Ron started well by obeying the instruction, but later started violated them.

He sought to ride on the popularity of his brother by calling himself Gallagher 2.

This did not sit well with Comedian Gallagher as Ron behavior brought confusion and difficulty in distinguishing which of the Gallagher’s  brothers was organizing which program.

He eventually sued his brother over claims of violation and what he termed false advertising.

He had a favorably verdict over his brother who was barred  from impersonating his elder brother.

Aside Ron’s copy cat show he labelled “Gallagher II”, he is said to have given his elder brother bad press. This resulted from the excesses of his comedy show.


By Robert

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