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Who is Robert Singletary? The man who has been arrested for shooting his neighbor including a 6-year-old over basketball.

Robert Singletary will be discussed in this post. We will look at his arrest and his history of crime.

Who is Robert Singletary?

Robert Singletary, 24, handed himself over to authorities in Tampa, over 560 miles from where he allegedly opened fire on his neighbors.

He is a 24 year old North Carolina man.  He went into hiding after firing at a 6 year old girl and her parents.

Their crime was allowing a basketball to cross into his property.

The 24 year old is said to have shot until his bullets run out. He then had to run for cover.

After running away from law enforcement officers for a while. he finally turned himself to the police on Thursday.

Robert Louis Singletary handed himself to the police in Tampa.

This location is about 560 miles from where the shooting took place. He has now being charged with 4 counts of “first-degree attempted murder” along with “two counts of assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill or inflict serious injury”.

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He had another count of possessing a firearm by a felon.

He is said to have fired at a 6 year old girl and her parents. The young girl needed stitches while her parents were seriously injured.

Who are Robert Singletary victims?

His victims who are his neighbors are Kinsley White and her parents.

Robert Singletary victim: Kinsley
Image Source:nypot

The 6 year old parents are Ashley Hilderbrand and William White.

The children were playing with the ball and it crossed into his property and this was what brought this issue.

People who witnessed the shooting said the 24 year old came to the streets and fired at neigbor before singling out Kinsley White family.

Robert Singlelary has a violent history.

This is not the first incident of violence that he has been embroidered in. He has a history of two arrest.

These arrest was in relation to attacking people with dangerous weapon.

The 24 year old was also arrested for walloping his girlfriend in the back and he did this with a mini sledgehammer.

William White was critically injured while attempting to protect his daughter. He reportedly tried to distract Singletary and draw the gunfire away from the children when he was struck in the back.


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