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Who is Richard Roat wife? Kathy Roat

The article looks at Richard Roat marriage life. We will look at Roat’s wife whom he has left behind.

Who was Richard Roat?

Richard Roat is said to have died on 5th August,2022. He has a career spanning five decades.

He was an American actor who was born on 3rd July, 1933 in Connecticut.

Richard Roat has been described as somebody who loves music and also takes interest in playing Violin.

He was said to be a sports fan too. He rooted for the Los Angeles Lakers and Angels.

Roat used to prepare taxes for many especially in the entertainment industry.

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His acting career included his doctor role in his appearance in season eight of Seinfeld.

Richard Roat  starred in the popular shows The Golden Girls and Cheers. He is said to have played character  who died in the course of lovemaking. He played that role with actress Betty White.

Between 1985 and 1991, Richard Roat played the role of Professor Henry Moore in most of the episodes of NBC show Day of Our Lives.

Roat starred in  slew of sitcoms and dramas. They included Hawaii Five-O, Columbo, and The Bob Newhart Show.

He also appeared in shows such as the Baywatch and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Who is Richard Roat wife? Kathy Roat

He was married to Kathy Roat. The couple are said to have recently celebrated their 4oth Anniversary of marriage.

Kathy Roat has been described the love of Richard Roat’s life and his true soulmate.

Their marriage life is said to be a magical journey of travel, fun, laughter, and love. One which is quoted to be  “An Affair to Remember.”

Richard Roat used to run his Richard Roat Associate business with his wife.

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