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Who is Richard Goldfrapp ?Irish Pensioner who wants Cannabis legalized

Richard Goldfrapp  will be discussed. We will tell you how he escaped jail after growing cannabis on his farm.

Who is Richard Goldfrapp?

He is a 73 year old farmer . The 73 year old is a retired gardener.

He is a UK national who is residing in Ireland.

Mr Richard Goldfrapp  who has lived in Ireland for more than forty years, grew Cannabis in his home.

The Pensioner lives in a remote part of town and was charged for growing Cannabis at home.

His urine which was tested showed that the 73 year old does not take the drugs.

The details of Mr Richard Goldfrapp forty Cannabis plants came when authorities visited his home in Kilcoe to inspect his garden with a warrant.

The farmer is said to have pointed to the locations of the plants to the officers.

He said, he does think he is a criminal by growing the plants. He said, it is his kindest opinion that the drug should be legalized.

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The pensioner revealed all these in an interview with the Irish mirror.

He said:“I am not going to defy the law,” “I think it should be legalised.

The 73 year old Richard Goldfrapp was found guilty of possessing cannabis in 2012.

He was given three year suspended sentence at the time.

He has however been warned not to repeat it for the third time.

The judge told the pensioner that he will be heading for a custodian sentenced, should he go to retrace his 2012 and now 2021 path again.

The gardener who had moved away from the home where he was found with the cannabis said, he does not intend to break the law again.

Richard Goldfrapp spoke about his encounter with the officers that came to inspect his home in 2021.

“They were very easy going and I was very easy going with them.

“They just came with a search warrant and searched. They couldn’t see any and they asked me if I had any and I said ‘yes, I do’ because I believe you should stand up for what you believe in.”

And, despite pleading guilty, he did not believe he had done anything wrong.

He said: “It’s not harming anybody else – what concern is it to them?

“I am not a criminal per se.

“I don’t see that I have committed any crime because I have not affected any person or property.

“It is a naturally growing herb, it is just that people have taken advantage of it because of certain properties to make money out of it.
“I never grew it for money, I never dealt it – it was just purely for my own use.

“A lot of it was for pain because a lot of prescription drugs which I have tried have side effects and don’t particularly work, especially if you suffer from depression.”

Though the pensioner does not want to break the law gain, he is now appealing for the legalization of the drug.

He said:“It should be legalised – but policed.”

By Robert

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