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Who is Rhonda Smith-Banchero? Paolo Banchero mother.

Rhonda Smith-Banchero, mother of Paolo Banchero will be  our focus in this article. We will look at her career and how that influence the life of her son.

Who is Paolo Banchero?

Paolo Banchero born as Paolo Napoleon James Banchero is an American and Italian basketball player.

The professional player was born on 12th November,2002.

The player plays as a power forward for the Orlando Magic in the National Basketball Association(NBA).

He is a 2022 NBA draft of the Orlando Magic and was their first overall pick.

His debut was when he played against Houston Rockets. His records at his debut was an impressive 17 points , four rebounds with six assist in a 91 to 77 win.

Before waiting for the chance for his debut, he  had to go through the preseason and his debut preseason  was when Magics lost Memphis Grizzlies.

His performances at his first ever play for his team was eight points, two rebounds with just one assist.

It was a 109 t0 97 loss on that day. Banchero impressive record include being the first player to have made a minimum of 25 points, five rebounds with five assists in an NBA debut.

This happened under the days of legendary Lebron James days.

The Orlando Magic celebrated him with this tweet.


Banchero was the rookies of the year in the 2022 Atlantic Coast Conference.

His college career was with the Duke Blue Devils. His debut in College saw him  scored 22 points in a 79 to 71 win against the Kentucky.

He had his first ever Atlantic Coast Conference week honor as a freshman.

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He was named the All-ACC and ACC Rookies of the year in November of 2021.

The 19 year old occupy number one on the Kia Rookies Ladder. He came ahead of Bennedict Mathurin of the Indiana Pacers and Jabari Smith Jr. of the Houston Rockets.

He has scored over 20 points in every appearance so far and this is remarkable.

The young player dating life is not quite popular as he seems to wanting to prove a point in his amazing start to an NBA journey.

He attended high school at O’Dea in Seattle in Washington. In high school, he used to play football and was playing as a quarterback.

The 19 year old equally played basketball and decided later to pursue the latter, while letting go of the former.

Paolo Banchero controversies.

Controversies are part of celebrities and young Paolo had his first share of them.

The player was charged for authorities called aiding and abetting.

This was after a fellow Duke team mate Michael Savarino was picked over DUI charges.

Banchero will be appearing on this case in a latter date to be determine.

He was also involved in the gaffe that was made by Martin Brundle.

Brundle had interviewed the youngster believing him to be that of Patrick Mahomes.

This happened at the Miami Grand Prix hosted at the Miami Gardens on 8th May,2022.

Though Banchero did not do anything wrong in that instance, his name was drawn to the mud due to that mistake by the Sky-sports legend.

Who is Rhonda Smith-Banchero?

Rhonda  Smith- Banchero is the mother of Paolo in the NBA.

Rhonda was born on 1st May,1973. She is an American and used to play basketball herself.

She played her College basketball for the Washington Huskies.

Rhonda graduated school as an all time leading scorer. She led with an amazing 2,948 points.

The mother of Paolo was inducted to the Husky Hall of fame back in 2004.

Outside of college, she pursue a career in basketball.

She played for many seasons  for Sacramento Monarchs in the WNBA. Rhonda was a third-round pick in the 2000 WNBA draft.

She played in the American Basketball league and outside the shores of American.

She the retire and is currently working as  a coach with the Holy Names Academy which is in Seattle.

Rhonda Smith is of  African American origin.

The influence of Rhonda on Paolo career cannot be overemphasize. It is possible that she has a lot to do with Paolo current success.

Rhonda is a family woman. She is married to Mario Banchero. She has dropped her surname of Smith and taken that of Banchero.

That is why she added the Banchero to that of the Smith to produce that of Smith-Banchero.

Her husband,Mario was a player back in his early days.

She allegedly met him while Mario was a student and player at the University of Washington.

Mario used to play College football for his college, Washington.

He never got the chance to pursue the sports as a career and  switched to business after graduation.

You can say he acquired skills enough to be able to support her daughter, whom we will be getting to know better soon.

Rhonda is a mother of three. She has two boys and a girl. Simply put, Paolo has two siblings and we will look at them shortly.

Paolo Banchero siblings

There have been  questions as to if Paolo has siblings. Yes he has.

Mia Banchero is Paolo’s younger sister.

She is also a famous person who is into sports.


Aside Paolo’s mother, his sister is a soccer player and plays for the Queens University.

You can say Paolo family is a family of sports talent. She is said to loved her family and spends the little time she has outside sports with the family.

Paolo also has a younger brother. Though the name of the boy is not known, it is expected that the youngster will pursue a career in sports. He may decide to toll the line of elder brother and mum or that of his sister.

He may also decide to go a different route altogether. But, one thing is almost certain. This is that his future career will be in sports or will have a bearing in sports.

Mia Banchero and brother will sill sure take the path of their elder brother and impress the family too.

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