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Who is Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz?TheTexas doctor arrested in connection to contaminated IV

The article looks at Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz, the doctor at the center of the Texas contaminated IV that killed a fellow physician.

Who is Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz?

He is a 59 year old doctor.

Rivera Ortiz is a colleague to Melanie Kaspar, the physician who passed away due to the contamination.

He is said to have a history of domestic violence, when he assaulted two women in 2015.

Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz is also reported to have a disturbing history of animal cruelty. He allegedly shot his neighbors dog with a pellet gun and he was convicted for the offence.

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Raynaldo’s license was revoked hours after the incident which happened on 9th September,2022.

Rivera Ortiz arrest follows a contaminated IV bags that led to the death of a physician.

The contamination also led to serious complication of at least one patient.

Raynaldo  Rivera Ortiz arrest.

The 59 year old former doctor was arrested on Wednesday in Plano in Texas.

The Dallas Police Department spokeswoman revealed this to Fox News digital.

Kristin Lowman, the spokeswoman said the police is assisting the US attorney’s office with the matter, but refused to give details.

Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz was allegedly captured on surveillance footage. In the footage, he was seen slipping IV bags into a warmer in the hall  which was outside of  the operating rooms at the famous Baylor Scott & White Surgicare at North Dallas.

A reports said “When he deposited an IV bag in the warmer, shortly thereafter a patient would suffer a serious complication.”

Anesthesiologist Melanie Kaspar, Ortiz colleague,then took the contaminated IV bag home on June 21 “to rehydrate due to an illness”.

 Melanie Kaspar, who died from complications after taking a contaminated IV bag home, was a colleague of Raynaldo Rivera Ortiz.

“She inserted the IV into her vein and almost immediately had a serious cardiac event and died,” the order said.

Kaspar was said to be  poisoned with “bupivacaine” which is  a “numbing agent used to alleviate pain during surgery, according to an autops.

The drug is not supposed to be injected into veins, but rather spinal cord as it is known to cause “severe cardio- and neurotoxicity” and death.

Test were run on the remaining IV bags and the results showed that there were “visible tiny holes in the plastic wrap” and that it  contained bupivacaine.

Aside the death of Kaspar, the one that was left was said to had been given to a healthy patient and he immediately suffered a serious cardiac event.

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