“Unlike last Christmas, my husband Aidan and I will get to have Christmas Day at home with Peadar and our older son Malachy, like most families.”

“We won’t have to experience the guilt of having to leave Malachy to spend time with Peadar and the worry that when we leave Peadar he is alone in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) without his family.”

She said that, “Peadar was critically ill last Christmas and we had to take each hour as it came. We didn’t know if he would survive or what type of life he could expect.”

How was Peadar O’Boyle born?

He was born through an emergency c-section when he was only 24 weeks old.

Peadar O'Boyle

Peadar O’Boyle birth was triggered by a high temperature of his mother.

It was a temperature triggered by a urinary tract infection. The experts told them that there is only a 40% chance of Peadar O’Boyle surviving.

His mother said:

“Every premature baby is so different because they are not robots. Looking back there were so many things said to us about Peadar, and he has proven a lot of doctors wrong so far.”

She said, she believed that Peadar surviving was due to the role of the  obstetrician giving her steroids before delivery.

The boy weighed only 730 grams, or one pound six ounces and his mother said: “he had to be ventilated as soon as he was born. You are supposed to be happy and holding and cuddling your baby and instead you are looking through an incubator with tubes and monitors and you are afraid to nearly touch him because he was born so prematurely and his skin was so thin.

“When I look back on those first few days and weeks, I feel like I was looking at a film, a horror film of something bad that happened to somebody else. It properly hasn’t registered yet that it happened to us.”

Peadar O'Boyle with his family

Big Celebration to mark Peadar O’Boyle first Birthday.

His family has given him a huge celebration marking his first Christmas.

They also spoke about their excitement that he is spending Christmas with them.

“We are doing all the normal things that we, and most families, take for granted.

“We have been to see Santa and we will spend Christmas with friends and family and are looking forward to being together on Christmas Day.

“Peadar has had to fight from the first minute he was born. He has a strong personality and always has a huge smile.

“He goes at his pace but like all babies there is an inbuilt need to explore and learn about the world.”