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Oscar Solis will be discussed in this post. We will tell you what he did to the Florida Uber eats driver before dismembering his remains.

MS-13 gang member Oscar Solis

Who is Oscar Solis?

He is a 30 year old man. He was recently put on parole from Indiana.

Oscar Solis is said to be a member of MS-13 gang

Solis who has been described as demonic due to his recent ousting with an Uber Eats driver left many wondering the kind of person he is.

He allegedly robbed an Uber Eats driver. That is not all, Solis also dismembered his victims body.

He took his 59 year old victim into his home on 19th April. He then butchered his victim, according to Chris Nocco, who is Pasco County sheriff.

He has now being charged with “robbing and dismembering Uber Eats driver”.

The facts of the case is that investigators who were investigating the disappearance  of the driver asked for his location from his employer and they gave the location to street of the residential area.

They  came to the property  on the 20th and no one answered, the next day, they came back and this time around someone responded and provided with  footage.

The footage showed his victim in the porch area and it later showed Solis and another resident carrying trash.

When cops examined the trash, they were human remains in them.

Who was Oscar Solis victim?

Murder victim Randall Cooke.

Randall Cooke is the victim in this strange murder. He is an Uber Eats driver.

He was making his last delivery as he texted his wife before that murder.

Randall Cooke is said to have texted his wife that he will be home soon.

“He was just a guy trying to make a living for his family,” the county’s sheriff told pressmen.

His wife texted him back, but he was not responding again. It was at this point that his wife reported the case to the police.

Nocco said: “I kept asking what’s the connection? This was absolutely a horrific crime … But at the same time, we couldn’t answer the question: ‘Why?’”

“All that appears is there was a gentleman who was working, he was doing his last delivery for the night, and this person killed him.”

“You’re talking about a violent individual that Indiana released and sent down to Florida,” he added angrily. “They released him on parole. Unfortunately, now we have a hardworking guy, a loving husband, who is no longer with us because this violent individual killed him.”

By Robert

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