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Nick Valleloga

Nick Valleloga will be discussed in this article. We will look at his personal and career life. We will also try to find out why, his car was used by the suspect behind his brother’s murder.

Who is Nick Valleloga?

He is the son of actor Tony Lip and brother to late Frank Valleloga Jr.

Nick Valleloga was born on 13th September,1959. He is an American actor, who also doubles as film maker.

He is famed for co-writing the biographical comedy drama about his father called the Green Book.

He wrote the film along with others and got two Academy awards for his efforts.

He was awarded for being “Best Original Screenplay and best picture as well.

Nick Valleloga also had to his credit, two Golden Globes awards.

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The Golden Globe awards was in the area of Best film. He equally won a PGA award for the same feat.

The popular actor is said to have directed movies too. Some of the movies that Nick Valleloga directed included the following ” In the Kingdom of the Blind, the Man with One Eye Is King, Choker and Stiletto.”

Nick  is reported to have written  the Deadfall movie along with others.

Why is Nick Valleloga car used in the killing and dumping of his brother’s body?

It is yet to be determine how and why, Valleloga car was used in dumping his brother’s body on the street.

Police told TMZ  that they had a call that a body was on the street, unconscious. They later discovered that the said body was that of Nick Valleloga’s brother, Frank Valleloga Jr.

The suspect who was arrested for dumping Frank Valleloga body, used Nick Valleloga’s car.

TMZ further reports that  “Nick told police the suspect did not have permission or authority to drive the car”.

The question that, many are asking is that, where was the car and why did the suspect used that car and no one else’s car?.

This is just the beginning and we will learn more, about Frank Valleloga’s death.

Nick Valleloga is not new to controversies.

He had to apologize over a tweet, he made in 2015. He backed Donald Trump claim he made over Muslims.

Trump claimed at the time that Muslims in Jersey City were cheering at the time the World Trade Center Towers were falling.

Nick made the tweet in 2015 and had to apologize for it in 2019.


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