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Who is Muhammad Syed? Why is Muhammad Syed killing Muslims in the US?

The article looks at Muhammad Syed and why he has been killing Muslims in the US.

Who is Muhammed Syed?

He is a 51 year old suspect who have been charged with multiple killings of Muslims in New Mexico, a state in the USA. Syed is a refugee from Afghanistan who has been living in the US for five years.

He killed one Aftab Hussein,  a cafe employee on 26th July. He was also named as the killer of planning director Muhammad Afzaal Hussain on August 1,2022.

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Syed also remains the main suspect in the killing of his fourth victim Mohammed Ahmadi who was 62 in 2021.

It has even been reported that his son is even involved in the killing.

Reuters reports that “Cellphone data shows Shaheen Syed, 21, was in the same “general area” of Albuquerque as his father at the time of the Aug. 5 killing of 25-year-old trucking entrepreneur Naeem Hussain, according to a filing by federal prosecutors for a Monday detention hearing during which Syed was denied bail”.

Why is Muhammad Syed killing Muslims in the US?

It is speculated that the killings might have been linked to motivation by  Sunni-Shia divisions.

This division has been condemned by  several national Muslim associations describing it as “sectarian hatred”.

Syed himself  is Sunni and three of the victims are Shia.
It is reported that he has serious issues with his daughter for marrying a Shia man.
Meanwhile, President Biden has condemned the killings saying such behavior have no place in America.

By Robert

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