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Model Jeff Thomas wife

We will look at Model Jeff Thomas wife. We will determine whether he was married or not. We will equally look at the circumstances surrounding his suicide.

Who was Model Jeff Thomas?

Image Source: TMZ

He was a model. Jeff had a huge social media following too.

He had over 120,000 followers on Instagram page alone.

He is based in Miami. He is said to have signed for AMCK models which is s London based agency.

Jeff Thomas has also featured in many commercials. He equally did catwalk shows too.

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His physical appearance of that muscular physique made him stand out.

He is a huge on social media and mostly show images and videos of himself in a fitness mode. His last post on social media was on 28th February according to the DailyMail. He was seen in a gym doing workout.

He equally shared a photo of his tattoo. The Tattoo is a a word which the model wrote. The word on the tattoo which he shared on 6th March,2023 is the word “Resilience”. It was written on his lower-right arm.

Jeff Thomas also visited his grandmother on the same day he shared that tattoo. He wrote:”Surprising my very special Grandma after her two week cruise from California to Florida with her friend, Beverly. Her dear friend decided to take my beloved Grandma on the cruise after originally planning to go with her recent husband whom passed away during the pandemic”.

“It was a process to do it all after finagling my hectic work day/week, the start to my EMT classes, getting a flat tire, moving into my new home and my transition moving from Los Angeles to Miami.

‘However, somehow I make it work for those that I love, deserve it and appreciate those efforts since they do the same for me.’

His final post, shared from a local spa, captured Thomas reclining in a plunge pool with the caption: ‘A cold plunge a day, keeps the doctor away.’

Adding a series of hashtags, the model referenced ‘self-care’ and ‘mental health.’ “

Who is Model Jeff Thomas wife?

Many are asking about the marital status of Jeff Thomas. They want to know if the founder of the “contemporary art consulting agency” was married or not.

It is not clear if the model was married. The model’s career saw him starred along with big names like Megan Fox and Nicole Scherzinger.

What are the details of Jeff Thomas Thomas suicide?

He is reported to have taken his own life. How did this happened?

He is reported to have been discovered at an apartment complex in Miami.

It is rumored that he jumped from a balcony, but cops are still investigating, TMZ reported.

An Autopsy has been conducted on his body, but the actually cause of death has not been disclosed. It is only speculated to be suicide.


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