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Michael Lehrer wife

The article looks at Michael Lehrer wife, who is Colette Montague. We will determine if they had children together.

Who was Michael Lehrer?

He was a Comedian. The Comedian who was said to be loved is said to have performed at the Second City theater.

The second city theater described the contributions of Michael Lehrer. He is credited for what the theater said was helping in creating four of the original sketch for the second city.

Michael Lehrer contribution at the city theater include their Jeff Award winner  for best Revue.

Their statement said :”The Second City is sad to report the passing of alum Michael Lehrer.

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“He helped create four original sketch revues for The Second City, including the Jeff Award winner for Best Revue, Sky’s The Limit (Weather Permitting). Rest in peace Michael.”

What is Michael Lehrer cause of death?

The 44 year old is said to have died from “neurological disease ALS”.

He was diagnosed of the back in 2017. The neurological disease ALS is one that is said to affect nerve cells. It is said to be the one of the commonest of the “motor neuron disease”.

The affect of the disease is that its victims lose their ability manage movement of their muscles and that include their ability to swallow, speak and even breathe.

During his battle with the disease, Michael Lehrer continued to make appearance on the “Kill Tony” podcast.

He even still use his sickness in his comedy.

Who is Michael Lehrer wife?

He is said to have been in a relationship. His partner’s name was Colette Montague.

Michael Lehrer wife is reported by the Chicago Sun-Times that, he  “died with dignity.”

Michael Lehrer wife added that he was not  suicidal at all.

She said : “Medical aid in dying was the hardest decision he ever made.”

Tribute to Michael Lehrer.

Fans are celebrating the life of the man that makes them laugh.

One Rogan posted on Instagram saying : “The courage this man had to do stand up while battling a debilitating disease was insanely impressive, and though he struggled to get words out the man would kill on stage.

“He was a real legend, and I’m going to miss him very much.”

His pal was  Seth Weitberg  and he also paid tribute to him: “He was just a total fireball, and willing to do absolutely whatever for comedy.

“In the 20 years I’ve known him, he spent about half that time with his shirt off for a joke.”

One person who performed at the second city theater with him said : “He (Lehrer) was always up for anything and loved nothing more than making people laugh.”



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