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Mery Adelson

The article looks at Merv Adelson, who is the ex-husband of celebrated journalist, Barbara Walters.

Who was MervAdelson?

Walters was married four times and Merv Adelson is the third of those four men.

Merv Adelson was born as Mervyn Lee Adelson   on 23rd October,1929. He was an American businessman who was into real estate. He was a real estate developer and television producer.

Merv Adelson is the founder of Lorimar Television.

He was born in Los Angeles to a Jewish family. His parents were Nathan Adelson and Pearl Swartz.

Merv Adelson marriage to Barbara Walters.

He got married to Walters in 1981 and by three years time, they had divorced. Their divorce was finalized in 1986.

Two years after their divorce, they found love again. Merv Adelson remarry Barbara in 1986.

Their second marriage lasted for 8 years. It was longer than their first marriage.

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However, it seem the underlining course for their first divorce still lingered on in their second marriage.

They finally called it off in 1992 with another divorce.

Merv Adelson other marriages.

His first marriage was with Lori Kaufman. He had a daughter and two sons with her.

Mery Adelson second marriage was with Gail Kenaston, who happens to be the daughter of Billie Dove.

Barbara Walters was his third wife and as you  are aware, they were married twice.

Adelson fourth wife was Thea Neis. He adopted two daughters with her. This increased his children to five.

He divorced her to, bringing his total divorce to five in five marriages. Remember, he marry Walters on two occasions.

He died on 8th September,2015 from cancer at the age of 85.

Three of his children are Ellen Adelson Ross, Andrew Adelson, and Gary Adelson. Andrew Adelson and Gary Adelson have taken on the path of their father. They are both television producers.

Gary Adelson is also an American film producer. The two of them are sons of Adelson first wife, Lori.

Who was Barbara Walter? Mery Adelson ex-wife

She died on 30th December,2022 at the age of 93. But who was she?

He was born as Barbara Jill Walters  on 25th September,1929.

She was an American Broadcast Journalist as well as a television personality.

Barbara Walters was famed for her unique interviewing ability.

This made her popular with her views on popular television programs.

Some of Barbara Walters programs on television include the ABC evening News program, Today.

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Others include 20/20 and The View. Her career spanned from 1951 all the way to 2015, when she finally retired  from journalism.

Barbara’s started her career with  “The Today Show” in the early part of the 1960s, where, she worked as both a writer and producer.

Her writing at the time on women interest stories and this made her popular with viewers.

She later became a co-host the program and she became the first woman to have done this.

This was even so important as she emerged as the first woman to host an evening news program and she did this with Harry Reasoner.

Barbara Walters  is said  to have interviewed “every sitting U.S. president and first lady”.

She did this starting from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama. She equally interviewed both Donald Trump and Joe Biden at the time the two men were not yet presidents.

By the time, Trump and Biden became Presidents, she had retired.

Her decorated honors  are her induction into the  Television Hall of Fame in 1989 and the reception of a star at the , Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She equally received a  “Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences”

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