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Meek Mills is a household name in Ghana. This follows the release of his music video, which he shot in the political power house in Ghana.

We will look at the man, who warms the hearts of the political class in Ghana to have done, what many Ghanaians can only dream of.

Who is Meek Mills?

He was born as Robert Rihmeek Williams  on 6th May,1987. Meek Mills is a American rapper and former prisoner.

The rapper was raised in the Pennsylvania town of Philadelphia and started his career as a battle rapper.

Who is a battle rapper, you may ask?

Well a battle rapper is is a “type of rapping performed between two or more performers that incorporates boasts, insults and wordplay”.

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Meek Mills was signed into Rapper T.I first ever record deal in 2008. He stayed with them until 2011, when he left the Grand Hustle Records and signed with Rick Ross label the Maybach Music Group.

His first album titled the Dreams and Nightmares came out in 2012. The album came after his single which he titled “Amen”.

His single was a famous one, peaking at number two on the US Billboard 200.

The rapper came out with his own label: Dream Chasers Records.

Meek Mills second album was titled “Dreams worth more than money” was released under his label.

His third album was titled Wins and losses and it came out in 2016.

He released his second album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, in 2015 and his third album, Wins & Losses, in 2016.

It has not been smooth run for the famous rapper. He was sentenced to four  years in prison.

It was on charges of violating parole. He was however released, after serving only five months of his four year term.

There was a video on his battle with the criminal justice system. The documentary was titled Free Meek  and he starred in as its executive producer.

Meek Mills wife

Meek Mills

He love life blossom after his release in prison custody in 2014. He dated famous celebrity figure Nicki Minaj.

Meek Mills relationship with the US singer and rapper started in early 2015. He is said to have accompanied Minaj to the opening of her act in the 2015 world tour.

Mills relationship ended abruptly after only two years together.

Their relationship run into rock in 2017. Nicki Minaj even sang about their break up in her 2017 single which she titled  “Regret in Your Tears“.

Meek Mills is said to have had a disagreement with ex-girl friend Minaj and her then husband, Kenneth Petty. The disagreement/altercation came they were shopping in Maxfield back in 2020.

That altercation between them in the shopping mall degenerated into a twitter battle later on.

In that virtual warfare on Twitter, the two revealed accusations of abuses they suffered when they were together.

Meek Mills Children?

Meek Mills

The rapper is a family man. He is a father of three children. The names of his children are Murad,Rihmeek and Czar.

His first son, Murad Williams is the child he had with his girlfriend Fahimah Raheem.

Murad Williams was born on 13th May,2011.

His second born, RihMeek Williams is also with Rahimah Raheem. Rihmeek is a boy, but there are no details of him like his age or when he was born.

His third child Czar Williams is a child, he shared with his former  girlfriend  Milan Rogue.

Czar was born on 6th May,2020.

Czar Williams was born on Mills 33rd birthday. Meek is currently a 35 year old man. His music genre is hip hop.

His musical career started in 2003 and he is currently active in music. His last tour is the Afro nation tour in Ghana in 2022.

Meek Mills controversial video shoot in  his Afro nation tour in Ghana.

The Rapper steered controversy by shooting a video in the presidential villa in Ghana. The video shot at a place highly seen as security zone in Ghana raised eye brawls.

Many have condemn the Ghanaian political class, especially the NPP ruling government for giving him a platform, which is the preserve of their president only.

They wonder why Ghanaians are not allowed, by such a chance is accorded to Mills. Many questioned if Meek Mills will be given the chance to shoot a video in his native American White house.


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