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maxi jazz parents

The article looks at Maxi Jazz wife. Was he married and what is his wife name will be the things that will be covered in this article.

Who was Maxi Jazz?

Maxwell Fraser known famously as Maxi Jazz was a British musician, song writer and rapper.

Maxi Jazz was also a DJ. Call him a multi-talented fellow and you will not be wrong.

Maxi Jazz is famed for his association with the band Faithless.

He was with the electronic band between 1995 to 2011.

Maxi Jazz also founded the Soul Food System in which he played as a DJ way back in 1984.

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His first DJ work which he called “In the Soul Kitchen with DJ Maxi Jazz” was aired on Pirate radio.

It was aired on Reach FM which is in London in 1985 and 1986.

What is Maxi Jazz cause of death?

The famous Brits musician died in his sleep on 23rd December,2022.

His cause of death has not been disclosed.

Who is Maxi Jazz wife?

Maxi Jazz was not dating at the time of his death. He was not known to be married.

He is said to have been in relationships in the past, but none of them went into marriage.

He died as a single poerson.

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