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Maverick Archer Cooks

Maverick Archer Cooks who is Brandin Cooks only child will be discussed here. We will also look at his parents too.

Who is Maverick Archer Cooks?

He is the only child of latest Dallas Cowboys Receiver Brandin Cooks. He is first born child of Cooks and his wife.

They announced they were expecting him in 2020 when his mother was pregnant with his pregnancy.

Brandin Cooks and his wife are expecting Maverick Archer Cooks sibling. The couple announced they are expecting their second child.

The sex of Maverick Archer Cooks soon to be sibling is not known.

The couple said they cannot wait to have their second child.

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Who is Brandin Cooks wife? Briannon Lepman

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Maverick archer Cooks
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Who is Maverick Archer Cooks mother?

His mother’s name is Briannon Archer Cooks.

Cooks got married to her on 7th July,2018. Briannon Lepman has been a longtime girl friend to Cooks.

The pair attended the same University. They attended the Oregon  State University.

Briannon Lepman is reported to have met Cooks over there and they started dating.

Their engagement took place in 2017 and it took place in Hawaii. Their 2018 marriage took place in Portland.

What is Briannon Lepman profession?What does Brandin Cooks wife do for a living?

She is said to have been a cheer leader at her days at the University. The Brandin Cooks wife is a photographer and professional one for that matter.

Briannon is married to a Christian husband and the wide receiver does not hide from his faith.’

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