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Massimo Marenghi

Massimo Marenghi will be discussed in this post. We will look at the part he played in the hiring of the undercover agent which he wanted him to kill his wife.

Who is Massimo Marenghi?

Massimo Marenghi
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He is a Massachusetts man. He is a 56 year old man who has pleaded guilty to a murder for hire.

This charge dates back in 2021 in an issue he had with his wife.

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He wanted to hire a “contract killer” to kill his wife. However luck eluded him when he unknowingly rather hired an uncover federal agent to do the job for him.

He met the unnamed federal agent back in January 2021. The Press release from the Massachusetts said the man and the federal agent agreed on a fee of $10,000.00.

Massimo Marenghi then supplied the federal agent with a photograph of his wife for him to eliminate her.

The release further added that the 56 year old also provided the agent with a photograph of his wife’s home.

The suspect further explained how the hire agent can “evade surveillance cameras while carrying out the crime”.

In his second meeting with the agent, Marenghi gave the federal agent an amount of $1,500 as a deposit and urged him(the agent now seen as hire killer) to carry out the assignment soon.

He further added that the sooner the  “‘demolition job” occurs, the quicker the hired gun would be able to pay the rest of what he owed”.

To help the federal agent execute the job with precision, Marenghi gave him other details about the woman who was going to be his ex-wife.

Inaddition to the photograph of the wife, he  further added the federal agent “the color, model, and license plate number on her car and the hours of operation of her work”.

Why did Massimo Marenghi wanted his wife dead?

He told the agent that his wife sought a restraining order against him. The release said he “complained about his wife seeking a restraining order against him”.

Did Massimo Marenghi had children with his wife?

Yes, he had children with his ex-wife.Marenghi even provided a plan that showed when he would have custody of their children.

Marenghi said this time when he will have custody of his children will be the  “best time for the construction work to start.”

What sentence will he get if he get convicted?

He is expected to be sentenced on 8th June,2023. He is likely to be given 10 years for the murder for hire crime.
This includes a three years of a “supervised release and a fine of up to $250,000”.

Massimo Marenghi


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