Who is Mary O’Shea?The woman who lay dead for over 24 hours in Kilkenny, after falling from a branch

Mary O’Shea will be discussed in this article. We will look at her death and why her body was left there for more than 24 hours. We will also look at the role her loyal dog played in the discovery of her body.

Who was Mary O’Shea?

She was a woman who was believed to be in her 60s.

She was known to be a historian by the locals of the area.

Mary O’Shea was not married and was the only child of her parents.

Her parents died years ago and she was the one one left.

With Mary O’Shea  being the only child of her parents and never married, she was living a lone.

She was also a farmer and known writer. Mary O’Shea  was also a part of the Historical Society of South Kilkenny, where she was a member.

She met her untimely death when she fell with the branch, which she was cutting.

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Her body laid on her farm for more than a day, before it was discovered.

It is not clear whether she died immediately after the fall, or died later after not being found.

She was said to have been pinned down by the very branch she was cutting.

Gardai confirmed the information of her death in a message. Though, their statement did not mention her name, the Irish Sun reports that several sources quote her as being the one, the Gardai statement was referring to.

The Gardai statement read:

“Gardaí were requested for assistance by ambulance services yesterday, Saturday 19th November 2022, following reports of an incident in the Piltown area, Co. Kilkenny.
“A woman in her 60s received fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. Her body has been removed to the Mortuary at University Hospital Waterford. A file will be prepared for the Coroner.”

Pat Dunphy who is the local councillor had this to say about O’Shea’s death.

She said : “I would like to pass on my sympathy and those of the people of Piltown to her relations..

“She was a very popular woman.

“She worked on her farm and also had a strong knowledge of local history.

“It was very sad.”

Fr Paschal Moore, who is the Parish Priest and who know her paid glorying tribute to her.

The Priest said: “She lived alone but she was very much involved in community life.

“She was a local historian and wrote a book on the area a few years ago.

“She was a wonderful person and was a great help in the parish when tourists came looking for their family roots.

“She was always willing to help.

“And she was a very good friend. She will be missed in the community.

“Everybody is sad this morning.”

Mary O’Shea Historical Society members also had kind words for her.

She was said to be a joint treasure and they had some glorying tributes in her honour.

Their message is through one, Mr Eddie Synnott, who is a member.

He said:“She was a very good historian and was able to express her knowledge.

“She was also an intellectual and a wonderful woman.”

How was Mary O’Shea body discovered? What was her dogs role in this discovery?

Information from the investigators of her death revealed that her dogs played a role in the discovery of her body.

The dogs are said to have stayed by her side and did not leave for the over 24 hours.

One of them stayed till passers by  found her body. The information is that:“The dog stayed by her side the whole time.”

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