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Martin Duffy wife

We discusses Martin Duffy wife in this article. We will seek to find out if he was married and the name of that woman. We will conclude with his children. Did Martin Duffy left behind some kids?

Who was Martin Duffy?

He was born on 18th May,1967, but died on 18th December, 2022.

He was born as Martin Bernard Duffy  in the British town of Birmingham.

Martin Duffy was widely known  keyboardist.

His career started with the 1979 formed British Jangle pop band called Felt.

He later moved to the Scottish Rock band by name Primal Scream.

Martin Duffy who grew up in Rednal had his education at the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic school which is in King’s Norton.

Being influenced by punk rocks like two-tone, The Beatles and others, he became a founding member of Felt.

Duffy joined the band when he was only 16 years. Lawrence who is frontman to the Felt band spoke about how Duffy was recruited.

He said “I put up notices in Virgin in Birmingham advertising for a guitarist saying ‘Do You Want To Be A Rock ‘N’ Roll Star?’ I’d put two up when this guy came up to me and said, ‘I know this keyboard player. He’s 16. He’s just left school.”

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His contribution to the Prima Scream’s band cannot be overemphasized.

He is said to have played at the band’s first two albums, though he was not a member at the time.

He made his decision to join Prima Scream after his band(Felt) dissolved.

Martin’s other contributions also include being part of The Charlatans. This happened after the death of band member Rob Collins.

Other bands he also played or joined include: The Chavs, Car Barat.

Who is Martin Duffy wife?

Martin Duffy wife!!

Who is Martin Duffy wife? is a question, many want answered.

Martin who is said to have died in a brain injury, he sustained at home lived a private life as far as his relationship life is concern.

Not much is known of his marriage’s life. We don’t know if he was married at all or had a wife whom he managed to keep out of the public domain.

There are equally no information about his children. His death was announced by his Prima Scream band.

Their message read: “We re all so sad … Martin was the most musically talented of all of us. (He) could play piano to the level where he was feted not just by his peers in British music, but old school master American musicians such as James Luther Dickinson, Roger Hawkins, David Hood (and) producer Tom Dowd“.

The Charlatans also had a message about whom Martin Duffy was. Their singer Burgess said “(he) stepped in to save the Charlatans when we lost Rob – he played with us at Knebworth and was a true friend. He toured with me in my solo band too – he was a pleasure to spend time with”.

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