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Who is Magdalena Andersson husband? Richard Friberg

The article looks at Magdalena Andersson. We will examined her personal and political career. We will also interrogate why she is stepping down as Sweden Pm.

Who is Magdalena Andersson?

Eva Magdalena Andersson  is a Swedish politician and economist.

She is currently serving as the Prime Minister of Sweden and a leader of the Swedish Social democratic party.

This is a position she held since 2021.

Eva Magdalena was born on 23rd January,1967  to Göran Andersson a lecturer in statistics and Birgitta Andersson, a teacher.

Magdalena Andersson first joined the Swedish Social Democratic League as far back in 1983.

She is holder of a masters degree in Economics from the famous Stockholm school of economics.

Her political career had a boost when she served as adviser and director of planning in Goran Persson’s regime as well as an adviser to Mona Sahlin.

Magdalena Andersson became Minister of Finance in the Stefan Administration  after she was elected to Riksdag.

She was rumored to succeed Lofven after he announced he was stepping down and was subsequently elected as the leader of Social Democratic Party.

She became Prime Minister of Sweden after she was elected by Riksdag in November,2021.

She had to quit after a day in office and later returned for the job she left behind.

Magdalena Andersson  who assumed office on 30th November,2021 is the first elected female head of government.

Why is Magdalena Andersson stepping down?

She is stepping down after her  centre-left coalition is on its way to losing  narrowly to a bloc of right-wing parties.

So far 99% of the votes have been counted and her party is trailing behind the right-wing parties by 176 to 173 seats.

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With Magdalena Andersson giving way, Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson is  expected to form  the next government.

Ulf Kristersson block includes  the Sweden Democrats which is a far right party. It campaigned against what they called rising gangs shooting .

Magdalena Andersson, despite the results yet to be recounted has announced that she has accepted defeat and will officially resign on Thursday.

“In parliament, they have a one or two seat advantage,” she said. “It’s a thin majority, but it is a majority,” she said.

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