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Who is Lucy Letby?Nurse accused of murdering 7 babies

Lucy  Letby will be for discussion in this article. We will look at her  and what she wrote which is now incriminating her.

Who is Lucy Letby?

She is a 32 year old nurse.

She has been accused of killing two girls  and five boys.

This was when she was working at the Countess of Chester Hospital in Cheshire.

It was between June 2015 and June 2016 that the alleged crime took place.

The whole issue started when senior medics at the facility became suspicious of her.

Prosecutor Nick Johnson indicate that the medics were concern with the correlation of the deaths at the unit and her presence.

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He said “By this time Lucy Letby was supposed only to be working day shifts because the consultants were concerned about the correlation between her presence and unexpected deaths and life-threatening episodes on the night shifts.”

She was moved from the Neo-natal unit she was working to place where she will be performing clerical duties.

This was revealed in her trial at the Manchester Crown court today.

The investigation started in 2018 when she was arrested in her home which was in Chester.

Lucy Letby wrote a note that says  “I AM EVIL I DID THIS”.

Prosecutors say they found a note in her apartment in which she wrote “I AM EVIL I DID THIS”.

There were other notes in her apartment  “I don’t deserve to live. I killed them on purpose because I’m not good enough. I am a horrible evil person.”

It was revealed in court that detectives allegedly found “paperwork relating to many of her alleged victims”.

The evil nurse also wrote name of her colleagues in post it notes.

Letby other writings included “Why/how has this happened – what process has led to the current situation. What allegations have been made and by who? Do they have written evidence to support their comments?”

She also spoke about being taken out of the neo-natal unit.

She wrote  “ I haven’t done anything wrong and they have no evidence so why do I have to hide away?”

Letby also wrote about how she killed her victims on purpose.“I don’t deserve to live. I killed them on purpose because I’m not good enough. I am a horrible evil person.”

She then ends it all with this not which is in caps: “I AM EVIL I DID THIS”.

Lucy Letby victims

Nick Johnson, a prosecutor said she kill child E. This she did by injecting air into the child’s bloodstream and by the next day, Lucy tried killing the brother of Child E.

She did this by what has been described as insulin poisoning. This unfortunate and barbaric attempt happened in August,2015.

In 2019, she struck again. She is reported to have an insulin to Child L which was not authorized.

This occurred on her day shift. Not satisfy with that, Prosecutor Nick Johnson added that she went to Child M and injected air into his the toddler’s circulation.

Even two years later, when detectives made a search into her home, they still found medical notes.

Nick Johnson added that the cases of her victims are similar as it has either been due to insulin overdose or air embolism.

He said it could not have been co-incidence that all these occurred.

“What are the chances of that happening innocently? We suggest coincidences like that simply do not happen innocently.”

The also heard about how Lucy Letby sent a card to grieving parents of one of the children, she was accused of killing.

In the case of child I, she is said to have tried as many as four times to kill the child and finally succeeded.

By Robert

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