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Who is Louis Nugent?man using phone to spy on naked kids at Donegal leisure centre

Louis Nugent is involved in an embarrassing activity that no one will expect someone at his age to be involved in. We will tell you what he has been doing that has sent him to the court room.

Who is Louis Nugent?

He is a 67 year old man.

He is from  Killyclug, Letterkenny.

He is a father of eight children and he was arrested by one man.

Louis was once a carpenter as well as a taxi driver.

Nugent is said to be using phones to spy on the nakedness of children.

This happened at the leisure centre in Donegal in 2017.

He is said to have placed mirrors and mobile phones in the cubicles where girls take shower and change over.

Nugent is said to have lost his marriage after the incident. He has also been placed on a limited number of times at which he can have contact with his own children.

How was Louis Nugent discovered in this weird behaviour?

He was discovered by a father of two girls who used to visit the leisure centre.

The girls allegedly spotted the camera in their dressing cubicle. The sought to find out and they saw Nugent in the next cubicle with a mirror which was he concealed with a towel.

The girls after the discovery refused to go to the centre again.

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It was at this point that their father inquired to why they did not want to go there again. The unnamed father of the two girls then made his way to the leisure centre to investigate.

His investigation and monitoring saw how the suspects was carrying out his bad behavior.

He confronted Louis who told him point blunt that he cannot get him arrested.

Louis had to run away to Scotland and was brought back to Ireland to face justice.

His attorney said Louis could not explain the reason for his weird action.

His attorney said:

“He is not in a position to offer an explanation other than this was something that he fell into. He is at a loss to offer an explanation. He simply doesn’t understand why he fell into this type of behaviour.”

Louis Nugent remanded to appear on November 2, 2022.

The true nature of his actions were revealed when CCTV cameras were examined by Gardai.

He pleaded guilty of engaging in an offensive behavior. He is to reappear on 2nd November, 2022.

The suspect’s attorney said he wish, he could apologize to his victims.

He is expected to be sentence on his next sitting which will be in first week in November.

By Robert

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