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Lisa Presley 2nd husband

Lisa Presley 2nd husband  will be our focus. She got married to him, after 20 days of divorce from first husband.

Who is Lisa Presley 2nd husband?

Lisa Presley got married to her second husband in 1994. She divorced her first husband on 6th May, 1994 and by 26th May,1994, she was married to her second husband.

Lisa Presley 2nd husband is Michael Jackson. Lisa and Jackson met in 1975,at a time, she was not married.

She was then only seven at the time and attended most of Michael Jackson’s concert in Las Vegas.

However,Lisa Presley friendship with Jackson in their adult life began in 1992, when she was still married to first husband, Danny Keough.

Michael Jackson took consolations in Lisa Presley after accusations of child molestation began.

He was said to have been dependent on him for what many said was for emotional support.

Presley was concern for his addiction to drugs and that of his health. She however fell for him in the process.

Lisa Presley is reported to have said: “I believed he didn’t do anything wrong, and that he was wrongly accused and, yes, I started falling for him. I wanted to save him. I felt that I could do it.”

Lisa Presley helped Michael Jackson greatly.

Lisa Presley 2nd husband was helped greatly. She is said to have had a great role in Michael Jackson settling most of his child molestation accusations out of court.

She also helped in letting Jackson go for rehabilitation.

Jackson, who is Lisa Presley 2nd husband ended their marriage through divorce.

The reason for their divorce was irreconcilable differences. It was Presley, who first filed for divorce.

Karen Faye, who is Presley make up artist also reported after Jackson’s death that, he had also intended to file, but it was Presley who filed first.

Who was Lisa Marie Presley? Michael Jackson ex-wife

She was an American singer and songwriter.Lisa Marie Presley was born on 1st February,1968.

She was the daughter of famous actor Elvis Presley and famous actress Priscilla Presley.

Lisa Marie Presley became the heir to his father’s estate.

Through the influence of her parents, she had interest in music and music business.

She had three albums titled “Now What”, “Storm &Grace” and “To whom It may Concern”.

Her album”To whom It may Concern” is said to have received Gold certification. She achieved this feet with Recording Industry Association of America.

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Lisa Marie Presley also had  a non-album singles.

It was a duets which she did with her father. She was family person and was married several times.

Who was Benjamin Keough? Danny Keough son.

He is the son, Lisa Presley shared with Danny Keough, a musician who was born in Chicago.

Benjamin Storm Keough was born on 2st October,1992. He however died on 12th July,2020. Benjamin Storm Keough had a sister by name Riley Keough.

She is a model and actress, who was born on 29th May,1989.

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