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We will look at Kyro, who is the son of UK’s famous model Rachel Mee.

Who was Rachel Mee? Kyro mum

She was a 25 year old UK lady. Rachel Mee was  social media influencer from New Castle.

Famed for the name Rachel Kaitlyn, she is said to have died through suicide.

Rachel Mee was what has been described as a fans only creator and used to apply her trade on Instagram.

She also worked as a dancer and it seems life has become heavier for her.

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For reasons best known to her, Rachel Mee decided to take her own life.

She sadly died on 18th December,2022 and her cause of death is yet to be determine.

Who is Kyro?

He is the son of Rachel Mee, the UK’s social media influencer and dancer.

Kyro is said to be less than a year old and death has unfortunately snatched his mum from him.

A friend of  Kyro mum by name  Claire Robinson  is leading a go fund me campaign for her mother and to cater for Kyro’s needs.

Claire Robinson broke the news of Rachel Mee death and why her fans should support her funeral and her only child.

Claire Robinson wrote:

“Kyro’s mummy Rachel sadly lost her battle with the pressures of this world,” the bereaved buddy wrote, adding that her tot — who was born in March — won’t have his mom for his first Christmas.

“This Christmas will be Kyro’s first, and devastatingly his mummy will not be here,” she lamented. “We are all so saddened with this devastating news, how this world has failed such a beautiful young girl and how she felt she had no other option [than] to no longer be here.”

Robinson added that Rache Mee was forced to be “leaving behind her beautiful little boy who she adored with all her heart.”

Rachel Mee -- better known as Rachel Kaitlyn -- boasted over 40,000 Instagram followers before she died.

Here is the link to the GoFundMe page.

Robinson added that the aim of the page is to  “raise some funds for kyro’s future just to take a little stress away from Rachel’s family and to help in some way.”

A second gofundme page has been setup. This one is to help in the late model’s funeral. Rachel Mee’s pal said :“I’ve been asked from the family of Rachel to set a GoFundMe up as there have been so many messages paying respects and asking how they can help”

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