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Kathleen Chada

The article discusses the life of Kathleen Chada, ex-wife of monster and children killer husband Sanjeev Chada.

Who is Kathleen Chada?

She is a 51 year old woman and  ex-wife of the man who brutally murdered his own kids.

She divorced him while the monster was still in prison. Kathleen Chada is giving a chilling account of events in her marriage prior to the murder of her beloved two kids.

Kathleen Chada stated that the signs of the kind of person her husband  is, were clear at the beginning of their relationship.

She might have ignored them in the name of love or had hope, he might change.

She stated that the “signs were there from the very beginning” .

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Kathleen Chada said her killer husband:Sanjeev Chada wanted her to abort the pregnancy of their first son.

She added that, it was not the worst part. Kathleen  added that the killer husband did not speak with her for a week, when she had her second pregnancy.

She told the Irish Sunday Mirror in an interview that:

“I don’t doubt his feelings for the boys when they were born, but an unplanned pregnancy did overwhelm him.

“When I got pregnant with Eoghan… he wanted me to consider a termination. Four years later I got pregnant with Ruairi and he didn’t talk to me for almost a week.

“When I look back on it now it tells me a little of his personality that I didn’t necessarily see at the time.

“I’ve often described that I wasn’t a victim of domestic abuse, but I know domestic violence intimately, albeit that it all happened over one 24-hour period.

“There was no physical abuse, that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t some manipulation and control and narcissistic behaviour because there was, and I see it now.”

Who is Sanjeev Chada? Kathleen Chada ex-husband.

He is a 52 year old ex-husband of Kathleen Chada. He is the father of  Eoghan Chada and Ruairi Chada, who were ten and five years respectively.

How did Kathleen Chada ex-husband killed their sons?

Sanjeev Chada, Kathleen’s ex-husband is reported to have strangled the children. Yes he did.
The children were not with him at the time. He went and picked the children from Co Carlow. He told the caregivers that he wanted to bring them bowling.
Instead, Sanjeev Chada took the children to Co Maya and that was where he killed them.
He kept the children in his car’s boot.


Kathleen Chada
Eoghan and Ruairi: Kathleen Chada children

Kathleen Chada spoke fondly of her children. She said: “I lived with him, I lay next to him in bed at night, I loved him – and all the while these thoughts are in his mind that he wants to take our lives.

“I did ask the question after he killed Eoghan and Ruairi as to why he didn’t take me as well, and he said it was because I would have fought him, so he took the weakest.

“The way he did it was cowardly, but that he actually did it in the first place was evil.”

She also revealed the decision she took of leaving the home she used : “It was hard but it was the right decision, I knew it was the right thing.

“I wasn’t leaving them behind me, the boys came with me in a way.

“Having to go through all their things and make a decision what to keep and what went, that was tough.

“But it was something that had to happen and I didn’t feel disloyal to them in any way.”


Kathleen  also counted the rumors of bedspreads,indicating that: “The significance of this is huge for me because it’s everything that the boys loved.

“For me having this and their teddy bears… that is all I ever want.

“I can go anywhere in the world basically and I know when I lie under this that I’m
wrapping the boys around me.”

She further added: “I think for any parent that loses a child or children it’s okay to have a happy Christmas, it’s never the same, but they are always with you.

“They’re still five and ten in my head, and they’ll always be five and 10, but there is also the part of me that goes 14 and 19, and what would they be like.

“I will never and don’t ever want to get over the loss of the boys or move on from it”.

Kathleen Chada
Kathleen Chada ex -husband


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