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Who is Kate Cassidy?LIAM Payne new girl friend

Kate Cassidy will be discussed in this article. We will look at her asspociation with fame personality Liam Payne.

Who is Kate Cassidy?

She is a 23 year old girl.

She is from the US and has been described as a party girl.

Cassidy is a native of New Jersey and attended a University  Charleston which is in South Carolina.

She is also rumored to a daughter of a British father and has been in London for just two months.

This is Cassidy Instagram page which has over 8000 followers.

She is proudly displaying her relationship with Liam to her followers on that social media network.

The blonde is said to be madly in love with the 29 year old singer.

The party girl tag on Kate Cassidy is from her way of dressing. Cassidy dresses like a party girl and seem to have earned that new tag from her fashion sense.

Payne was spotted with the blonde in hangout that has been described as being for celebs.

The hangout which is a Latin American one is located in London and The Sun reports that they two spent their Saturday night over there.

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A source told The Sun that  Payne and Cassidy are into each other.

The source said:“They are mad about each other.

“Kate is a wild girl so Liam is definitely in for a fun ride.

“She is always out in nightclubs and seems to be loving London.”

Who is Kate Cassidy?LIAM Payne new girl friend

Who is Liam Payne?

Liam James Payne  is a British singer , who is a father of one.

He was born on 29th August,1993 and is a proud member of all boys band,One Direction.

His first appearance to the music scene was in 2008 when he took part in the popular British series, the X Fator.

He was failed to progress to the next stage and did a come back in 2010 to the same show.

The group which was a 4 member group  later went out to become one of the best ever all boys bands.

He made his singular recording deal with a North America, Republic Records.

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