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Who is Karen Harrington? Child killer who wrote a letter to victim's mother as she spend 23 hours locked up in her cell.

The article looks at Karen Harrington. We will let you know how the jailed woman is spending her time in jail. We will also let you in on the letter she wrote to her victim’s mother.

Who is Karen Harrington?

She is a 38 year old woman who is serving a life sentence in jail.

She was charged and jailed for killing  two year old Santina Cawley.

This happened in July 2019.

Karen Harrington fell in love with Santina father who is called Cawley.

Cawley had split from his wife( Santina’s mother) and that is how he met Karen Harrington.

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Santina father left her with Harrington  and came back to meet her unresponsive.

She has been jailed for killing the two year old Santina Cawley.

Why is Karen Harrington being locked up for 23 hours a day?

The child killer is being locked up for almost all day in her cell.

She is allow only an hour out of her cell to exercise herself.

Karen who seems like  “everyone washed their hands of her” does not receive visitors nor make personal calls.

The Irish Mirror say the have report that  “Harrington is not liked at all. She’s currently under 23-hour lock up, allowed out for one hour to exercise.

“This is most likely a security measure as inmates who kill children are often targeted by other prisoners.

“Even prisoners who are in Limerick jail for heinous crimes still see child killers as the worst of the worst.

“She gets no visitors and doesn’t make any personal calls. All her friends appear to have washed their hands of her.

“She has nobody left.”

Why is Karen Harrington writing to Santina Cawley mother (Bridget O’Donoghue)?

The child killer is said to have written a letter to her victim’s mother.

The letter is said to have been written by hand and signed by Karen Harrington herself.

Part of it says Karen stated that she  “will not ever accept blame for something I did not do”.

She also added about how she prays for Santina mother daily saying i pray for you “morn, noon and night”.

Karen Harrington spoke about how she is innocent and wants Bridget O’Donoghue

to visit her in prison for a chat on the issue.

Who is Karen Harrington? Child killer who wrote a letter to victim's mother as she spend 23 hours locked up in her cell.
Santina Cawley(Harrington Victim). Image Credit: The Irish mirror.

Harrington is said to have further added “I know how you feel”, and signs off with “puddles of cuddles”.

By Robert

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