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Who is Jorge Jojo Morales? 6 year old missing boy who have been reunited with mum after 3 months

Jorge  Jojo Morales, will be at the front burner in this article. We will tell you how he was found.

Who is Jorge Jojo Morales?

He is a 6 year old boy who went missing on 27th August,2022.

He was born on 14th August,2016 and is a white Hispanic.

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He stood 3 feet, 0 inches tall and weighed 50 pounds at the time, he went missing.

The FBI was offering a $10,000 reward on information that will lead to him being recovered.

How was Jorge Jojo Morales found?

He was found in Canada, after roughly 60 days away from home.
He was allegedly kidnapped by his father along with his grand mother.
His father and grand mother,Jorge Gabriel Morales and Lilliam Pena Morales have both being arrested.
Morales was in good health and was not harmed in any way.
Morales parents had a child sharing arrangement and his partenal grand mother picked him up.
She however failed to return him, forcing the mother to made complaints to the police

Jorge Jojo Morales excited about his return.

His mother said she was hugely excited about her son’s return.
Jojo’s mother, Yanet Leal Concepcion reportedly told  told CBS Miami  that:  “just so happy. … I can’t even think that I went through such a hard time.” … I thought my son was gonna die. It was very hard to sleep. It was very hard to eat. All I could think about was him. What was he doing. If he was OK. If he was asking for his mom.”

Jojo was spotted in a Walmart, Leal Concepcion says.

“I’m just blessed that i can share a happy ending to this because I know a lot of moms out there don’t get this happy ending and I do.”

She added that she will take the boy through a Disney Cruise which his father had not consented to.

By Robert

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